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“Having guided students for more than 9 years, “Tychr” is committed to expand horizons for career growth for school going students through its state of the art teaching methodology. Along with promoting educational excellence, it aims at developing individuals that exhibit impeccable personal and professional integrity.”
Arpit Bhardwaj, Director & Co-Founder


At Tychr, we focus on enhancing creative and intellectual faculties of students, equipping them with desired cutting edge competencies to excel in the ever dynamic 21st century and ultimately serving the global student community.


  • Tychr aims at bridging the gaps in existing understanding of concepts to strengthen the fundamentals of students.
  • We believe in imparting “laser smart problem solving approach” amongst the students.
  • At Tychr, the knowledge is conveyed in an integrated, holistic and cross-disciplinary fashion.
  • We at Tychr aim at creating a custom made framework derived from assessing individual strengths and weaknesses.

Meet Our Team

Arpit Bhardwaj


Inquisitive Visionary and Fitness Enthusiast.

Physics, Mathematics, Business Management, and Economics.

Prasoon Jha

IIT Kharagpur and IIM Indore

India-South Asia Safety Lead

IBDP - Business Management HL

Rohit Vasav

University of Oxford

Explorer, Curious Temperament, Photographer and Quizzer

Physics HL and Mathematics AI HL, IBDP

Neelam Firdous Khan

St. Stephen's College

Believes in mutual growth and existence, Loves to play the Ukelele

Sciences and Mathematics, MYP

Nikita Dennis Joseph

The Graduate Institute, Geneva, Switzerland

Masters in International Affairs Programme

Debater, Communication enthusiast and a Great conversationalist

Global Politics, International Relations and Economics SL, IBDP

Aleena Paul Mavely

Teach for India Fellowship,
Cohort of 2021

Ardent movie and Coffee lover and keen explorer of Education and Gender issues

English SL, IBDP

Dhaval Deshmukh

9+ years of teaching
expertise for IBDP

Physics Geek, Outdoor enthusiast, Technology lover, Keen listener, Excellent Orator.

Physics HL, IBDP

Vishnu Sasikumar

St Stephen's College,
University of Delhi

Inquisitive mind, Believes in mutual knowledge propagation

Economics HL, IBDP

Alifya Ali

University of Manchester, UK

INFJ personality type, Avid reader, Sci-fi geek, and Bullet journal enthusiast with Terrible art skills.

Chemistry HL & Psychology HL, IBDP

Archana Kannangath

NMIMS, Mumbai

Empathetic, love for creativity, budding entrepreneur

Mathematics AA HL, IBDP

Abha Ahad

St. Stephen's College

Amateur educator and a Professional Binge-watcher

Biology HL, Sports Science HL and History HL, IBDP

Taha Firdous Shah

University of Cambridge

Vivid reader, Passion for exploring human lives, Flower photography and Adding words to images

English Language and Literature HL, IBDP

Yashashwani Srinivas

Researcher at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

A skillful writer, love for culture and art forms, gender and social movements, active participant in community initiatives

Economics HL and Sociology HL, IBDP

Jasleen Sra

Jesus and Mary College,
University of Delhi

Fiction lover, liking for the outdoors and passion for freehand painting

Environmental Systems and Societies, IBDP

Manavi Bahl

Jesus and Mary College,
University of Delhi

Gregarious, love for travel, dance and baking

Coordinator and Psychology HL, IBDP

Priya Awasthi

16+ years of teaching expertise

Passionate Educator, Innovative, Optimistic and Avid Reader

Chemistry HL, IBDP
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