IBDP Chemistry Chapter 15 Notes

option d medicinal chemistry


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In this optional chapter of IBDP Chemistry, we take an in-depth look at Medici-nal Chemistry. The chapter can be divided into nine sections, all of which are covered comprehensively in our notes. We begin by introducing the concept of Medicine from its development and overall use to its subsequent effects. We then closely look at two significant drugs in the history of pharmacy, penicillin, and aspirin. The next section outlines opiates and the neurology behind them detail-ing it with the example diamorphine. We then explore a household medicine, ant-acid, and its role as a biological buffer and the chemical mechanism behind it.

The following section looks at antiviral drugs, starting with the idea of viruses and ending with an account of two significant viral infections, HIV and AIDS. Section 6 addresses the important environmental impacts surrounding the use of medica-tions such as nuclear and medical waste and others more personal to human physiology such as antibiotic resistance. We then take a look at paclitaxel, an an-ti-cancer drug followed by types of Nuclear medicine and their respective uses. We end the section with a look at various chemical analysis techniques that help in drug detection in various scenarios.

At the end of this chapter, we can expect the students to understand the signifi-cant role of Chemistry in Pharmaceutical science, and identify various medicines and explore their impacts.