IBDP History Chapter 1.3 Notes

the international response to japanese aggression, 1931-1941


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The notes of “The international response to Japanese Aggression, 1931-1941” starts with a timeline of major events that took place in Japanese history from 1931 to 1941. This timeline helps students memorise the important dates and understand the key events better. The notes start with a detailed discussion of The League of Nations’ response to events in Manchuria 1926 to 1931. Following this, the response of the League of Nations and Europe to events after 1932 and the response of China to events after 1932 are discussed with due importance, staying within the boundaries of the IB History HL syllabus. 

The notes end with a detailed discussion on USA response to the events during this period and the reasons for the change in US policy after 1938. Finally, the US pressure on Japanese military and governance decisions are discussed with due importance. The notes are colour coordinated and bulleted for easy comprehension. The notes end with an acronym specifically curated to help you review and remember the concepts longer. The bulleted key points will help you formalise the understanding of these important concepts in a systematic manner.