The IB offers international education preparing students to be well informed citizens and critical thinkers. The curriculum is widely known and recognised among the world for its holistic and multidisciplinary approach to education.

However, IBDP is considered as one of the most rigorous, demanding and competitive curriculums around the world. Your IBDP grade proves to be a very crucial deciding factor in university acceptance around the world and is considered to be one of the most important milestones in a student’s life. Achieving a good IB score can be hard but definitely not impossible! According to Statistics, less than 1% of IB Candidates achieve an IB 45 worldwide. We are Tychr, believe that sky is the limit and we must strive to achieve what seems the most difficult to attain. Putting it simply, we at Tychr have you covered. Click here for the ultimate learning experience all in one place specially designed for you to cater to all your educational needs.

At Tychr, students are familiarised with a personalised teaching experience to ensure that every student makes avail of the required attention he/she needs. Our adaptive teaching methodology as well as our live and interactive sessions make certain to keep our students engaged, absorbed and yearning to learn more. Our T.E.S.T Methodology has proved to be extremely helpful and result oriented for our students.

Are you finding it difficult to get through the IB Board without experiencing high levels of anxiety and panic? Have you knocked at every door and still have not been successful in finding what you are looking for?

If your answer to the questions is affirmative, we have the perfect solution for you right here! You need not look further and can stop your search here. On our website, you can find all that you need to get a grip of your IB syllabus and not only that, with the free IB material provided on our website, you can get through your grade with flying colours and get into your dream university. You are just one click away from obtaining access to material that is all assembled in one place right here and is the most comprehensive and exhaustive solution to your questions.

At Tychr, we are committed to serving the global student community as best as we can. In our mission to do so, we ensure to make education as widely accessible and attainable to as many students possible. These notes are written by our expert teachers with years of experience of teaching the IB curriculum. The notes provided for all the IB subjects are found on our website and can be accessed free of cost. The free material that is accessible on our website is all that you need to get you through IB with good grades.The material made available on the website is specially curated after an extensive amount of effort to ensure that the notes are in consonance with the IB curriculum. The notes are comprehensive in nature and are an amalgamation from various textbooks prescribed by the IBO. We at Tychr, provide a one-stop solution to all the educations concerns of the students.

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