TOK Presentation: A Guide to Navigating Theory of Knowledge

How to Get a 1010 in the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Presentation

The one course that every IB student takes is Theory of Knowledge (TOK). This is something unique to the IB. You will get to study knowledge itself—what it is, and how it is produced and acquired.

The TOK course is assessed through a presentation and an essay. Let’s take a look at how you can get the maximum possible score of 10 in your TOK Presentation.


How to Get a 10/10 in the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Presentation

  • Consider doing it in a group: working with someone else will give you more time on the presentation, and can also help you find different perspectives on the topic you’re considering.
  • Find a topic that interests you: there is a lot of scope to do a genuinely fascinating TOK Presentation. Don’t just pick a topic that the internet recommends—spend some time thinking about what you would like to explore in your presentation.
  • Pick a good real-life situation: our real-life situation should be in a field that you understand and enjoy, and preferably not one that requires too much technical knowledge. Remember, the real-life situation is only to get things started—it should not take up a lot of your presentation time.
  • Your analysis should be generalized: Remember that your analysis is not focused on any particular example, but meant to be general and applicable to all of them.
  • Put very little on your slides: your slides don’t need to be self-explanatory—that’s what you’re there for! They should not be packed with information and should only contain key words/ideas, graphics, and images.
  • Don’t forget to link your conclusions to real-life situations in the end: After you finish up your analysis, you can once again return to more specific examples to show how your analysis is applicable to them.

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