Our Proven T.E.S.T. Methodology

Theoretical Framework

The student participates in lessons from professional IBDP tutors in small batches of 5 students or fewer.

Explanatory Videos

After the student is comfortable with the basics, they begin to watch more explanatory videos to supplement their knowledge.

Strengthening Concepts

The student then begins practicing with modular assignments to reinforce their skills.

Time Bound Tests

Finally, the student moves on to solving question papers in exam-style conditions.




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Having guided students for more than 9 years, “Tychr” is committed to expand horizons for career growth for school going students through its state of the art teaching methodology. Along with promoting educational excellence, it aims at developing individuals that exhibit impeccable personal and professional integrity.

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Whether you’re considering a IBDP or MYP or any other Board, TYCHR is a place where students thrive.

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English Language and Literature
Hindi Language and Literature


French, German, Spanish, Hindi


Philosophy, Economics, Psychology, Geography, Global Politics, History, Business Management, Environmental System & Societies




Analysis & Approaches SL
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Applications & Interpretations SL
Applications & Interpretations HL

What Our Students Have To Say?

Shrey Joshi

“Before TYCHR, I used to waste a lot of time going to different tuitions for each subject throughout the week. However, after I found TYCHR, I found one stop solution for all my subjects. I got expert advice & help from highly experienced teachers, that helped me get the top marks. I wish TYCHR All The Best for it’s bright future.”

Aryan Jain

“These classes have been a great help in strengthening my mathematical foundations. Arpit sir helped me develop the skills needed to score well in exams by actually understanding the material and applying myself rather than relying on rote learning. He taught me how to study more effectively as well, a skill that allowed me to prepare better for all my examinations and standardized tests.”

Rajal Monga

“One thing that an IB student lacks the most is Time. Due to TYCHR’s online facilities like live classes and recorded lectures, I was able to work around my schedule and learn and study according to my liking. The online videos and tests, that offer a visual and dynamic way of learning greatly improved my understanding of the subjects and helped me become more confident in my academic abilities.”

Aniket Mittal

“With the help of TYCHR, I was able to stay one step ahead of my classmates and stay over my academics. With its “TEST” method, I was able to focus on each and every aspect of the subject and tackle the tests thoroughly.”

Rohil Mansharamani

“As an IB student, I know how difficult it can be to transit from attempting direct questions to Application based and analytical ones. At TYCHR, I developed Critical Thinking skills that helped me get consistent good scores, by building on my strengths and working on my weaknesses. At TYCHR, with its CURE philosophy, I was able to get ahead of my peers and achieve excellence.”

Lakshya Gupta

“Only an MYP student truly understands the importance of Time management. Through TYCHR, I was not only exposed to systematic lesson plans and continuous Tests through TYCHR’s TEST methodology, but developed time management skills that have prepared me to take on the IBDP and college in the future too! ”