IBDP Mathematics Applications & Interpretations SL Chapter 13 Notes

Representing and describing data: descriptive statistics

STUDY NOTES FOR MATHEMATICS – CHAPTER 13 – Representing and describing data: descriptive statistics

After thoroughly understanding the concept of differentiation, we can now comprehend the idea behind integration. In this chapter, we will be studying integral calculus which is otherwise known as antidifferentiation meaning the reverse process of differentiation. Using integration, we can find the area under a particular graph using its function and limits if necessary. Under integration, there are different kinds of integral, some of which are Riemann Integrals. These integrals are a more general method to find the area under a graph which doesn’t follow quadratic functions. The next concept is with respect to antidifferentiation, which is the reverse of differentiation. Lastly, we will be learning the fundamental theorem of calculus which bridges a gap between differential calculus and definite integrals using Riemann Integrals