Our Results

Tychr endlessly strives to provide its students with the capabilities to excel and reach their anticipated goals. We have highly experienced staff that provides interactive classes online and works on every detail to enhance the performance of the students. However, the aim is to not only provide exceptional education but to also mould students into individuals who are creative, competent, and intellectual.

We use result-oriented methodology like T.E.S.T which has helped students through explanatory videos which are a supplement to the learnings of class, strengthening of concepts is done with the aid of assignments and question banks to help practice what is learnt daily, and time bound test series are provided for students to practice exam style questions in a similar setting.

The platform has been dedicated at helping students for over 9 years and intends to bridge the gaps existing in the understanding of fundamental concepts by providing everyone a unique framework that has been formulated after careful examination of the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals. The educators at Tychr take keen interest in the progress of their students and provide regular updates on the problem areas and give insights on ways to make it a pleasant learning experience for the students.

The team at Tychr is constantly aiming to provide an amicable work environment where everyone works keeping the goal in mind. A good work-life balance is maintained by most educators who keep the students engaged and work on them personally, assisting and guiding on the way. The spirit of working together as a team and growing with each passing day is what has helped Tychr become one of the top educators. We are an organisation of dedicated, hardworking, and motivated individuals that aim at nurturing students into becoming individuals who can build a bright future for themselves.

The students are guided and encouraged in such a way that they acquire the aptitude to outshine in these ever-changing times. Thus, along with quality education they also develop personal integrity and professionalism.

Tychr, at present is spread across 23 countries, covering 50 schools, and serving 1150 students. We not only assist students from IBDP or MYP programmes but also reach out to students who are studying under CBSE, ICSE and ISC boards. Tychr particularly has exam enrichment programs in English and Hindi language and even provides language acquisition in French, German, Spanish, and Hindi. Along with offering IB online tuition classes, we deliver Cambridge online tuition classes and even prepare the students for SAT and ACT exams.

Major pros which come with signing up with Tychr are that individual students get personal attention because of small groupings, along with an option to choose timings that work best for the children, moreover there are no commuting requirements which saves time and furthermore academic support is available 24 hours around the clock. Education is imparted by the trainers and teachers who are well certified. Thus, Tychr is a platform which is not only personalized and flexible with timings but is great in terms of staff availability and quality.