IB Chemistry SL Paper 1 Question Bank

1. The volume of a sample of gas measured at 27 C is 14.0 dm3. What is the temperature when the volume is reduced to 13.0 dm3 at the same pressure?

2. 20 g of bromine reacts with 4.3 g of metal, M, to form MBr2. What is the relative atomic mass of the metal M? (Ar :Br = 80)

3. What is the concentration, in mol dm−3, of 30.0 g of NaOH (Mr = 40.0) in 150.0 cm3?

4. Which one is correct for 1222Mg2+ ?

5. How do the following properties change down Group 2 of the periodic table?

6. Which species will require the least energy for the removal of one electron?

7. Which compound has hydrogen bonds between its molecules?

8. Why is the pH of unpolluted rain less than 7?

9. Which molecule is polar?

10. What increases the activation energy of a molecule?

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