IB Physics SL Paper 1 Question Bank

1. What is a unit of force?

2. The length of the side of a cube is 3.0 cm ± 5%. The mass of the cube is 27.0 g ± 7%. What is the percentage uncertainty of the density of the cube?

3. A truck has an initial speed of 25 ms–1. It decelerates at 5.0 ms–2. What is the distance taken by the truck to stop?

4. A heat engine does 250 J of work during one cycle. In this cycle, 750 J of energy is wasted. What is the efficiency of the engine in percentage?

5. A driving force F acts on a car which moves with a constant velocity v. The quantity Fv is equivalent to:

6. There is water boiling in a pot. The boiling water molecules leave to form vapor. The temperature of the water and the vapor are the same. How do the average kinetic and potential energy of the molecules change when the liquid water boils to form vapor?

7. A sound wave travels from hot air to cold air. How does the frequency and the wavelength of the wave change?

8. A mass is moving along a horizontal circle with constant speed. Which of the following options are correct about the magnitude and direction of the mass?

9. The average binding energy per nucleon for Carbon 12 is 7.68 MeV. What is the total energy required to separate the nucleons of one nucleus of Carbon 12?

10. A horizontal string has one end fixed to a wall. As seen, a transverse pulse travels along the string.

I.  The pulse is inverted
II. It has less energy
III. The pulse moves more slowly

Which of the following claims about the reflected pulse in relation to the forward pulse is true?

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