With 9+ years of teaching experience, our services span over 27 countries and 5 continents. We hope to serve the global student community better with each passing day.

We at TYCHR focus on enhancing the creative and intellectual faculties of students; equipping them with desired cutting edge competencies to excel in the ever-dynamic 21st Century therefore ultimately serving the global student community. We aim at bridging gaps in the existing understanding of concepts to strengthen fundamentals of students. At Tychr, we believe in imparting ‘laser smart problem solving approach’ among our students. Here, knowledge is conveyed in an integrated, holistic and cross-disciplinary fashion.

Through our ‘Personalized Teaching Experience’ Methodology, we ensure that every student gets the attention that he/she deserves; through our Live and Interactive sessions we keep our students engaged and focused towards their studies, thus helping them move towards their goal of achieving excellence.

Our result-oriented methodology comprises of methods such as the ‘T.E.S.T. Methodology’, which has time and again proven its efficacy to be success- driven and result-oriented. Be it a student’s transition from IB MYP to IBDP or proving to be the one-stop solution for a student’s educational concerns, we at Tychr strive to make a student’s journey towards his/her goal extremely effortless ad smooth without any hindrances .We at Tychr, spare no effort to ensure that the student achieves whatever he/she strives for and much more. Our hard work and sincere dedication towards out students speaks for itself through our student results and testimonials.