Top 10 IB Schools in Pune

Top 10 IB Schools in Pune

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Are you looking to select a school for your child in Pune? The city homes several international schools that offer International Baccalaureate programs. Going to a top IB school gives your child international exposure, a more rigorous, objective education, and a path to pursue a quality higher education anywhere in the world. The unique curriculum by the Swiss organisation strives to build inquisitive, motivated students with a deeper global understanding and respect.

The IB program is an alternative to the local or national curriculum. All of these top IB schools offer some combination of the Primary Years Program (PYP—corresponding to primary school), Middle Years Program (MYP—corresponding to middle school), and Diploma Program (DP—corresponding to high school).

Top 10 IB Schools in Pune

Below, you will find 10 of the top IB schools in Pune, with a brief description along with what programs and facilities it offers:

D Y Patil International College


DY Patil international college offers class 11-12 education via the IB(DP) course. the CIE IGCSE  curriculum is also available at the school for grades 9-10, as well as national boards (ICSE) for education upto class 10. The school offers both day and boarding options on its campus, for more flexibility.

The school stresses on creativity and service, with students coming together for extra-curricular projects such as choreographing performances for retirement homes, or tutoring students in need.  Its other facilities include up to date computer labs, well-equipped science laboratories, a library, provisions for extracurriculars such as  music, dance, theatre.

Career Counselling, medical and transport facilities for student support are also available. There are outdoor pitches and courts for multiple sports like football, hockey, tennis, and basketball, as well as a pool for swimming.


Mahindra United World College (UWC)

Paud, Pune

Mahindra UWC is a co-ed, pre-university boarding-only school sprawled across a large, 175 acre campus. They offer the curricula from both IB(DP) and PBD in their institution. The college is home to students from more than 57 countries, with a rich history, Nelson Mandela being an honorary president.

The facilities in this hill-top, countryside campus include sports infrastructure for basketball, rugby, football etc. Other physical activities such as hiking, cycling and community service also take place. There is an art space overlooking the valley, with theatre and music practice, a gym, swimming pool, games/ lounge area and a deli café. Living amenities include hostels, lockers,a medical wing and Wi-Fi access. Wrapped in nature, the school brings a feeling of community.


International School Aamby

Mulshi, Pune

This co-ed school offers day-cum-boarding facilities. The school offers a holistic and all-round development focused education to students from classes 3-12. The school offers CIE (iGCSE) board education for middle school and IB(DP) curriculum for high school.

It’s other facilities are vast to reach the goal of a well-rounded student. Academically there are state of the art laboratories and a library, as well as a hobby centre, fields and courts for various sports from cricket to swimming, and other extracurriculars such as dance, music, theatre and debate classes. Medical facilities and a stationery shop are present on campus too. 

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Kohinoor American School


This co-ed boarding school has a unique feature of having only 20 students per classroom and has a 9:1 student-teacher ratio, to ensure each student receives the proper guidance they need. The school offers education from classes 1-12 and is affiliated with the IB board only. It has several recreational clubs alongside laboratories, computer rooms, a well stocked library and music, dance and art classes.

The school is focused on it’s residential program, and aims to create the best familial environment for the students. With CCTV coverage across campus and spacious rooms with Wi-Fi, students are taught how to do their own chores and dorm duties, giving essential life-skills and discipline in the process. Counselling and career counselling facilities are present as well.


The Cathedral Vidya School


The Cathedral Vidya School is a co-ed institution that offers classes from grade 4-12 and has both day and residential options for students. It is affiliated with the CISCE, CIE IGCSE, and IBDP boards and offers their curricula. The school has quite an array of extra-curricular provisions; Outdoor facilities include outdoor courts for basketball, tennis, and a swimming pool. Indoors, there is a gymnasium, squash and table tennis court, as well as computer labs, a library, AV provisions and interactive boards. College counselling and exam-prep for SATs are provided if necessary.

Aside from standard art, dance, music facilities, the school offers transport, medical, WI-Fi facilities and 24/7 security with trained personnel. For hostel students, all sorts of meals are available, even catered to Jain religious requirements.


Victorious Kids Educares

Kharadi, Pune

This co-ed day school offers education from the playgroup level to class 12. It is affiliated with the IB board. The school  offers the FYP, IB PYP, IB MYP and IBDP curricula. It offers facilities such as a large library spanning two floors with digital cataloging, high-tech laboratories for sciences and even product design (e.g. aero-modelling), as well as iPad-only and computer labs. Smart-boards are installed in every classroom with locker facilities.

A large indoor stadium for sports, a large outdoor sports area for sports like football and handball, along with an indoor play area for younger children. Multiple art, music and dance rooms with a variety of classical and western style classes and a cafeteria with an appointed top chef. Career counselling is also available as well as after-school professional care, with skill building and activities, till 6:30pm for parents who work into the day.


MIT Pune’s Vishwashanti Gurukul


This co-ed school has both day and boarding facilities. It believes in strong teacher (Guru) and student ties, mentorship to build successful individuals as done in the past in Indian culture, and replicates that bond at every step. It is affiliated with CAIE and IB boards and offers both curricula. Its classrooms attempt to maintain a peaceful, open atmosphere with large, airy rooms.

The library is located away from classrooms to maintain quietness. Other facilities include well-equipped science laboratories, an olympic sized swimming pool, several sport grounds and courts, archery and martial art training. Creative ventures are encouraged, apart from art, music and dance lessons, lectures and workshops are also held on the subjects. Medical facilities with an ambulance and transport are available.


Symbiosis International School

Viman Nagar, Pune

This co-ed school has both day and boarding facilities. It offers IB (PYP and DP) programs as well as CIE IGCSEs (classes 9-10) and the Cambridge Checkpoint (classes 6-8). It has several libraries, focused on different age groups with aid in completing school-work and exam preparation.

Facilities like specialized science labs and 3 labs, theatrics, visual arts and music studios and lessons, sports grounds and courts for football, basketball etc. and a host of other co-curricular lessons for skating, martial art, even rope mallakhamb are provided. Primary school children have compulsory field trips. Transport is also available. Children who have learning differences are taken into account and need-based educational strategies, tools and guidance are given without discrimination to support them.


Mahindra International School


Recognised by CIS (Council of INternational Schools) and NEASC, this co-ed day school ranks among top schools in Pune. It is affiliated with the IB board and thus offers the PYP, MYP and DP progressive curriculum. The school also believes in a holistic approach, with extra-support for students who face academic challenges, devising education plans based on the individual and focus on all sectors of the student’s skills apart from grades.

Counselling is also provided, both one-on-one and to classes overall, to create a positive, reassuring environment. Their facilities include computer labs, school iPads and laptops for younger students, science laboratories, a stocked library, and sports grounds for Badminton, Basketball, Football and even a swimming pool. Technology is a major part of the school’s teaching process, with AV facilities, a tech team and compulsory student-brought laptops for lessons. Medical and transport facilities are available. 


Indus International School

Mulshi, Pune

This co-ed school has both day and boarding provisions. It is affiliated with the CAIE and IB boards and offers the respective curricula. Extracurriculars and skill-based “leadership curriculum” are emphasized. This includes community service, mindfulness lessons, TED talks and inter-house/inter-school competitions.

Its facilities include an activity centre, auditorium, an open air amphitheatre, AV and smart-board installed classrooms, high-tech laboratories and computer labs, children’s play area, a large library and several sport activities, from tennis and volleyball courts to yoga, swimming and even horse-riding lessons. Creative artforms are taught as well, with a school opera. An airy dining hall, medical and transport facilities are provided as well.



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