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In high school, students have a lot on their plates. The additional pressure of college admissions can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and can be detrimental to their mental health. To reduce the workload of students, college counsellors play a crucial role. Now more than ever, every student requires a college counsellor due to the increasing expectations from academic, social and familial pressures.

What We Do

At Tychr, we create custom programs for every student by providing them with the services they need to reach their individual goals.

US College Admissions

Includes services in application strategy, standardised test preparation, extracurricular and leadership mentoring, and essay support.

SAT And ACT Tutoring

One-on-one test preparation with expert tutors who are students at, or graduates from, the Ivy League, Stanford and MIT and more.

leadership mentoring

Mentorship from successful world leading US and UK admits who help students build unique, impactful capstone projects, start-ups and community initiatives.

Specific Curriculum tutoring

From AP to IB, CIE to country specific syllabuses, we provide expert tutoring across a variety of subjects and curriculums.

UK University Admissions

Includes services in application strategy, personal statement support, and interview preparation.

Essay Mentoring

Including support in brainstorming, building and editing UK personal statements and US Common App and school specific supplemental essays.

Student Athlete Consulting

Including assistance in identifying the best match schools, scholarship negotiation, academic tutoring, coach communication and more.

Why is college counselling necessary?

Most of the time, students are unsure of what they want to pursue post-high school. With career options ranging from graphic design to marine biology, it is often difficult to pick a path that one would be willing to stick to for the rest of their lives. The difficulty not only lies in selecting the right course, but also the right college. In order to maximise your opportunities and potential, a student needs to be passionate about their course, have the ability to succeed in it and be in the right environment to foster growth.

Additonally, the college admission process can be grueling. It takes time to curate a proper application with well-written essays and the right details. A college counsellor is an all-in-one pack. They provide guidance throughout the entire process and ensure that the student is on the right track.

What does college counselling at Tychr provide?

Career Options

Counseling assists students in gaining specialised knowledge about the various career options available to them. It supports students in identifying their talents, strengths, needs, opportunities, and interests, and matching them to the admissions requirements of their preffered universities where they have the best chance of acceptance.

Most Up-To-Date Information

A counsellor informs students about the most up-to-date information on admission standards, acceptance rates, admission committee expectations, and merit scales at nearly all prestigious institutions and universities.

The Right Extracurriculars

When applying to a competitive college, a top applicant consists of more than just academics. A counsellor will help you structure the rest of your application so that your essays, extracurricular activities, and letters of recommendation convey the story of who you are. They make sure you pick the right extracurriculars to put on your application that contribute the most, rather than just dumping them all. Quality will always be greater than quantity. Furthermore, counselors understand which essay topics are overused, how to make effective use of extra materials, and how to justify to admissions committees an unusually low aspect.

With our counsellors, you will have a friend, coach and mentor to get you through. Knowing that there is a pillar of support guiding you throughout the process, you will have lower stress, better options, a stellar application and a much higher chance of getting into your dream university.

Why Tychr?

Tychr is a global higher-education company dedicated to equipping students to compete on the world stage. At Tychr we gauge our success by that of our students. Just some of their results include:

shutterstock_156477098 - Columbia University

The Ivy League

292+ Offers to Ivy League universities.

Tychr students are up to 4 times more likely to gain admission to an Ivy League university than the general applicant.


Oxford and Cambridge

119+ Offers to Oxford or Cambridge.

Tychr students are up to 4 times more likely to gain admission to Oxford or Cambridge than the general applicant.

College Campus Resize_Fotor

US Top 50 Universities

1,500+ offers to the US Top 50 (US News rankings)

Tychr students have received offers to Stanford, UChicago, MIT, Duke, Caltech, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, UIUC, Vanderbilt, Rice University and more.


UK Top 10 Universities

800+ to the UK Top 10 (Times Education rankings)

Tychr students have received offers to UCL, LSE, Imperial, King’s College London, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Manchester, the University of Bristol and more.

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The University of California Family

450+ offers to the major UC colleges.

Tychr students are at least twice as likely to gain admission to UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara and UC San Diego than the general applicant.


The World's Best STEM Universities

100+ offers to the world’s best STEM universities

Tychr students have successfully gained admission to MIT, Caltech, Stanford, Georgia Tech, Carnegie Mellon, Case Western and more.

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