Best ACT Prep Books of 2021 – Which Book is Best for You? 

Best ACT Prep Books of 2021 – Which Book is Best for You

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What is ACT?

The ACT is a standardized test administered by ACT Inc that is widely recognized for admissions in the United States.

It costs $46, whereas the ACT with the optional writing component costs $62.50. For international students, there will be an additional cost of $55.50.

So, if you think you are ready to take this up, financially, and if the additional cost doesn’t bother you, keep reading this article to discover which colleges require the optional writing component.

The ACT score ranges from 1 to 36 points. It consists of English, Maths, Science and Reading sections. Achieving high scores on either the SAT or the ACT is always a positive when it comes to college admissions.

A good score is considered to be above the national average. However, certain colleges are selective about their test score requirements. Therefore to help attain the desired scores for your dream colleges, study guides are necessary. This would steer clear of any surprises in the test and will also help you increase your score overall.

When you read through a guide, you will be able to identify where your strengths and weaknesses are. From thereon, you will be able to focus on your weaknesses more by getting additional guides that help you study in-depth.

To categorize your studying between Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Mathematics, there are individual guides for each of the subjects and a general guide that covers an overview of both subjects. 

Some of the ACT prep books that may be of help to you for your preparations are listed below:

ACT Prep Books by Magoosh:

This book consists of 300+ practice questions that cover all of the ACT areas. Additionally, there are also tips and tricks as to how you should approach each section in the ACT test.

To make your studying process more effective, there is also an in-depth study schedule and a full-length practice test that allows you to get the feel of the actual test.

The average cost of this book would be $19.99 plus shipping on Amazon. 

Official ACT Prep Guide:

This guide is created by the body that conducts the examination itself. This book gives the opportunity of completing five full-length exams along with the optional essay writing portions.

This closely mimics the setting and the paper of the actual ACT test. Additionally, in-depth explanations are given behind the answer to every question.

You will also have the option of taking the tests online as it can automatically assess you and let you know your weaknesses. The average cost of this book would be $31.18 plus shipping on Amazon. 

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The College Panda’s ACT English, First edition:

This book features three full-length English tests along with a thorough and complete review of the entire English section.

This book also provides the basic grammar rules, drills, and techniques to boost self-confidence and general strategies to follow on the ACT test day. The average cost of this book would be $29.99 plus shipping on Amazon

Barron’s ACT, Fourth edition:

This book is a compilation of a total of 6 tests. You will be given the opportunity to take 3 exams online, 2 exams offline, and a diagnostic test to see where you stand in the class.

This diagnostic test will tell you your area of weaknesses and other areas where you have to improve. The average cost of this book would be $19.99 plus shipping on Amazon. 

Ivy Global ACT Guide, Edition 1.2:

These are practice tests that produce well-known test papers that are of stellar quality. This book is minimal and has all the right information you need while preparing for your tests.

It’s a huge relief after practicing with other textbooks that are far more cluttered. They have section-specific reviews that help you refresh the concepts but not understand a whole new concept.

They also offer 3 practice tests that closely represent the style and difficulty of the questions of the real ACT test.

Despite the fact that this book is clear-cut and straightforward, in order to study the explanation for the answers, it is available only on the Ivy Global Site. The average cost of this book would be $33.99 plus shipping on Amazon. 

The Princeton Review’s ACT Prep Books, 2020:

This ACT Premium book provides access to 8 different practice tests inclusive of 4 online tests that way you would experience and familiarize yourself with both kinds of testing.

Additionally, they also include video tutorials, basic content reviewing, and small practice question banks for each section. They also include a study plan that helps you organize your time efficiently and work accordingly.

This Review is also structured in a way to point out and develop your skills required for the five sections of the ACT there is.

Understanding these skills, techniques, and strategies would also help you earn a better score. The average cost of this book would be $9.00 plus shipping on Amazon.

However, these are some of the few good books that you could get to prepare for the ACT test. They help you with study plans and a good amount of practice tests so you don’t surprise yourself with anything new during the ACT test. 

All the best with your preparations and your test!

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