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What does AP Computer Science A entail?

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The AP Computer Science A course is designed for high school students who hope to enroll in college after they graduate from high school. To make your learning process easier, you might think about hiring an online AP Computer Science A tutor to help you review the fundamentals of computer science and gain proficiency with writing and understanding program codes. You will master a portion of the Java programming language as well as computer science principles and tools in this course. You’ll engage in practical work to create, write, and test computer programmes that address issues or carry out tasks. The Computer Science A Exam will test your comprehension of the programming ideas covered in the course modules as well as your ability to read and write computer programme code.

What does AP Computer Sciences A enable you to do in the future?

AP Computer Science A is geared towards students who want to gain deeper experience in Java programming. This class is recommended to students aspiring to pursue Computer Science for undergrad. Here are some of your major options if you choose to study AP Computer Science A:

Aerospace Engineering

Computer Engineering

Computer Software Engineering

Database Management

Design and Visual Communication

Electronics Technology

Information Technology

Management Information Systems

Robotics Technology

Web Development

What top colleges accept and prefer AP Computer Science A?

Some of the career choices to pursue in college for Computer Science A are Software Developer, Computer systems analyst, and IT managers. Here are some of the top colleges you could possibly consider applying to.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Carnegie Mellon University

Stanford University

University of California, Berkeley

University of Oxford

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Summarized Syllabus

Unit 1Chemistry of Life
Unit 2Cell Structure and Function
Unit 3Cellular Energetics
Unit 4Cell Communications and Cell Cycle
Unit 5Heredity
Unit 6Gene Expression and Regulation
Unit 7Natural Selection
Unit 8Ecology

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FAQs – AP Tuition Classes

The AP Computer Science A course and exam focus on leveraging programming in Java to solve problems. The AP Computer Science Principles course complements AP Computer Science A and focuses on the broader aspects of computing. Additionally, the AP Exams for the two courses have different formats. AP Computer Science A has one end-of-course exam. AP Computer Science Principles includes the Create performance task.

Yes, students can. There is no specific order you should follow either. It depends on the school too to provide it in a specific sequence.

The table below summarizes the sections of assessment:

Section 1: Multiple Choice

  • Total number of question: 40 
  • Time duration: 1 hr 30 minutes
  • Weightage: 50% of the score

Section 2: Free response

  • Total number of question: 4 
  • Time duration: 1 hr 30 minutes
  • Weightage: 50% of the score

While the College Board don’t have any preferences or recommendations, here are some of the best books you can use to prepare for the AP Computer Science A exam:

  • 5 Steps to a 5: AP Computer Science A by Dean Johnson

  • Barron’s AP Computer Science A by Roselyn Teukolsky

  • Decoding AP Computer Science A by Moksha Jawa

  • Cracking the AP Computer Science A Exam by Princeton Review

The following percentage split is only an estimate and can vary from exam to exam. This is just to give you an idea of which kind of topics are given the most attention.

Unit 1

Primitive Types


Unit 2

Using Objects


Unit 3

Boolean Expressions and If statements


Unit 4



Unit 5

Writing Classes


Unit 6



Unit 7



Unit 8

2D Array


Unit 9



Unit 10



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