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We’re the best in the business and here’s why

TYCHR's IB Mathematics A&A tutors, exceptional and highly qualified, offer years of experience.

Adaptation to your needs includes effective assessment for all the IB Maths A&A concepts.

Comprehensive Live tests Series for Paper 1, Paper 2, and Paper 3 align with DP aims for IB Maths A&A.

IB Maths A&A assessment model ensures Knowledge and Understanding, Problem Solving, Communication and Interpretation for a perfect 7.

Expert guidance and unique ideas support you in extended essays and internal assessments

TYCHR provides unlimited resources: daily assignments, IB guide, and monthly progress reports.

Detail-focused support addresses doubts in all three Paper sets and covers all units for IB Math A&A.

Providing Free demo Classes ensuring comfort and compatibility with our IB Mathematics A&A tutors before making a commitment.

We stand out for a reason

Solving Students Trajectory

Monthly progress reports

It will tell you where you stand and how much you’ve improved. It will not seem like a report card - some anxiety saved there, don’t worry.

Seamless Communication on Whatsapp groups

We add you into a group and you stay in the loop. It’s as easy as that.

IB Study materials, Question Banks, etc

We have an exhaustive library of resources for all our subjects. If you go through them all, you’ll be the superhero of knowledge.

Individual doubt clearing sessions

Personalized attention in one-on-one sessions are important. These sessions are to clarify every doubts that the student has.

Individual IA and EE sessions

We extend our hand to aiding with IA’s and EE’s. Long essays, check. Going through multiple drafts, check.

IB style test series

We conduct a series of tests in IB exam style conditions to help prep for the final exam. If it's nerve-wracking, then we know we’ve done a good job.

Toppers talk

There’s nothing more that impacts you than experiences. You will have the opportunity to hear some of our toppers' stories and how their dreams came true.

Sessions from IB examiners

We will have sessions with IB examiners for them to tell you what it is they look for in everything.

Best online IB maths Analysis & Approaches HL Tutors

Secure your child’s future at Tychr.

The probability of you getting a 7 is rather high given the statistics of the average score of our IB Math students. “IB Math is no joke. It is not fun and it is not doable.” We’ll help you change that mindset to: “We’ll sit in the front row to answer all the questions. We’ll sound super smart.” Tychr’s Math tutors are not professors. They’ve been through the “I used to hate Math” phase yet they were toppers in school. Hence, our tutors are professional and creative with their teaching methods.

Semester wise approach

Equation Artistry Mathematical Impressions

Exam Revision: Practicing IB-style Papers

Our Proven T.E.S.T. Methodology

Like all our online tuition, IB maths Analysis & Approaches HL follows our proven T.E.S.T. Methodology. For the IB maths Analysis & Approaches HL, this Means:


Lessons are prepared by credible IB Maths A&A tutors, and conduct doubt sessions, wherever needed. Intimidating theoretical topics like Calculus and its Applications and Dynamic functions are given more attention to make it comprehensive and engaging at the same time.


Pre-recorded videos including topic coverage, tips and tricks, are provided so students independently and collaboratively extend their understanding of mathematics to strengthen student’s scoring ability !!


The student then begins practicing topic-wise assignments to reinforce their learnings focusing on moral, social and ethical questions arising from the work of mathematicians. TYCHR also provides monthly progress reports to keep track of student’s performance.


Finally, the student moves on to solving IB Math AA question papers in exam-style conditions for Paper 1 weighing 40% and 30% for HL , Paper 2 weighing 40% for SL and 30% for HL and and for Paper 3(HL) weighing 20% of the final grade. They then receive checked answer sheets and a comprehensive answer key to each.

How It Works?

Follow the well-grounded 6 step process to uncontested success

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Summarized Syllabus

A-D-E. at Tychr. We love math



Chapter 1: Number and Algebra

Chapter 2: Functions

Chapter 3: Geometry and trigonometry

Chapter 4: Statistics and probability

Chapter 5: Calculus

External Assessments:

External Assessments:

   Paper 1: Section A: compulsory short-response questions based on the syllabus. Section B: compulsory extended-response questions based on the syllabus

   Paper 2: Section A: compulsory short-response questions based on the syllabus. Section B: compulsory extended-response questions based on the syllabus

  (HL) Paper 3: Two compulsory extended-response problem-solving questions.

Elite Online IB Math Analysis & Approaches HL Tutors

Equation Whisperer Maths with Tychr

Individual attention

We offer students personalized teaching so they understand the depths of the Mathematics curriculum

Free Demo sessions

You can get a glimpse of what our sessions would be like before you decide to proceed with us.

Experienced Educators

Our tutors are aware of the changes of the curriculum to provide a complete understanding of what IB will expect in terms of answers and IA’s

Success Stories

Our tutors are here to guide you to the 7 you may need in Mathematics to get into the top tier colleges.


The extensive experience of our IB tutors are reflected in the quality of their teaching.

College Application Guidance

Our tutors are equipped to help you with your IA’s/EE depending on your career choice thus benefiting you during college applications

Don't forget to check our Forum

Don't forget to check our Forum

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Our Expert Tutors!

Cat 1 – ESS and Cat 2 – Biology. Chief of the IB program. Mentored 320+ students across various curricula.

IBDP Cat 1 – Biology. Specializes in IBDP and A Levels Biology. 10+ years in Medicine with seasoned professionals.

IBDP Cat 1 – Business Management, IBDP Cat 1 – TOK. Taught over 130+ students across 4+ countries.

IBDP Cat 1 & 2 November 2019. Specializes in Global Politics. Many students scored 7s; mentors 200+ students in assessments.

IBDP Cat 2 – English, IBDP Cat 2 – TOK. Qualifications as IB Examiner & Supervisor. Taught over 120+ students.

IBDP Cat 1 – Chemistry, IBDP Cat 3 – IA Chemistry, IBDP Cat 1 – TOK. Helped 2 out of 3 students achieve a 7 in IB Chemistry.

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What our Students Have to say

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FAQs – IB Maths Analysis & Approaches TUITION Classes

A few frequently asked questions

AA focuses on theoretical and abstract mathematics, particularly calculus, whereas AI covers a broader range of applications and is appropriate for students with a variety of interests in mathematics and other subjects.

Completing IB Maths AA may lead to a variety of job routes, including mathematician, statistician, data scientist, engineer, computer scientist, financial analyst, and cryptographer. This program’s strong analytical and problem-solving abilities are applicable in industries demanding advanced mathematical competence, such as academia, finance, technology, and research.


Recommended Teaching Hours



Syllabus content



  • Number and algebra
  • Functions
  • Geometry and trigonometry
  • Statistics and probability
  • Calculus











Development of investigational, problem-solving and modelling skills and the exploration of an area of mathematics



IB Mathematics Analysis and Approaches (AA) is organised around key concepts such as algebra, functions, trigonometry, and calculus. The programme focuses on a thorough grasp of mathematical ideas and their practical applications. Optional subjects enable students to dive into specific areas of interest, while internal examinations, such as a mathematical inquiry, contribute to the total assessment.

Type of Assessment

Format of assessment


Weighting of final grade%







Paper 1

No technology allowed. 

Section A: compulsory short-response questions based on the syllabus. 

Section B: compulsory extended-response questions based on the syllabus.





Paper 2

Technology allowed. 

Section A: compulsory short-response questions based on the syllabus. 

Section B: compulsory extended-response questions based on the syllabus.





Paper 3

Technology allowed.

Two compulsory extended-response problem-solving questions













IB Maths AA prepares students for higher education by offering a challenging curriculum that emphasises advanced algebra, calculus, and mathematical reasoning. The Internal Assessment emphasises problem-solving abilities, analytical thinking, and autonomous investigation, offering a solid basis for university courses in mathematics, engineering, computer science, and other subjects. Furthermore, the course’s demanding character fosters resilience and a thorough comprehension of complex mathematical ideas, preparing students for higher academic endeavours.

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