Student Success Stories


Age 17
University of British Columbia

Just like many other students, he was struggling to cope with the rigorous IB Math AA HL syllabus and the application of the formulae. He wanted to understand the approach for different papers of the IB Maths AAHL curriculum. With few months of steering him in the right direction, we were not only able to see his grades progress, but he was becoming more confident with other subjects too. With his consistent hard work, his grades went from a 4 to a 7 with just a few months of tutoring. Now Eshaan is pursuing his dream course at the University of British Columbia.


Age 17
AP Physics C Mechanics
Georgia Institute of Technology

The only thing standing in his way of going to his dream university was Physics. He was majorly struggling with the free response section for AP Physics C Mechanics. However, he was ready to put in the extra work that was required. With his diligent efforts, he eventually improved his grades from a 3 to a 5. He was motivated throughout the process. Rushil is currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.