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1.) How does the EVS of visitors influence pollution at two different parks in Bermuda?

2.) What impacts has the rapid population growth in India had on the physical and natural environment?

3.) What effects did the implementation of “Area C” have on levels of NO and PM,0 pollutions in Milano, Senato from January 2009 to December 2019?

4.) To what extent does population growth affect the availability of clean air?

5.) To what extent does the GDP per capita influence a country’s ecological footprint?

6.) To what extent has population growth over the past 50 years in Houston, Texas affected air?

7.) What is the relationship between Meat consumption per capita and GDP per capita?

8.) What methods has Finland Implemented in order to reach a goal of 55% recycled waste set by EU and how effective are those methods?

9.) What domestic factors contribute most to Italy’s consumption of freshwater?

10.) How does a country’s population size correlate to the level of light pollution released into the atmosphere in 2017?

11.) How is the building of new roads near Colonial Forge affecting biodiversity?

12.) How much of the world’s co2 emissions are contributed from South Sudan?

13.) To what extent have population growth and deforestation affected the carbon footprint levels of a developing country, India compared to a developed country, Canada, between 2001 and 2011?

14.) To what extent could China’s livestock raising system be improved by comparing to the one in Australia?

15.) How does the temperature of the water in the San Bruno Park cred change along a timeline?

16.) To what extent do China’s population and the size of China’s nature reserves affect the population of the giant pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) in the wild in China during the years of four Giant Pandas National Surveys?

17.) How does the Carbon Footprint of ABC school in 2019 vary from that of 2016?

18.) To what extent does age from 11-60 in the Netherlands affect environmental value systems regarding water pollution?

19.) To what extent have population growth and deforestation affected the carbon footprint levels of a developing country, India compared to a developed country, Canada, between 2001 and 2011?

20.) How do old and new car emissions change the air quality in India over the last 50 years?

21.) To what extent has GDP per capita affected water use in countries like Australia & India over the years 2008-16?

22.) How has rapid urbanization affected air quality in Delhi, and how has the Odd-even policy helped to mitigate the impact?

23.) To what extent has deforestation and land-use change impacted the water cycle in the Indian Himalayas for local communities?

24.) How has the growth of renewable energy in India impacted local communities and ecosystems and what challenges have arisen as a result?

25.) What has been the impact of industrialization and increased shipping activity on the coastal ecosystems of the Bay of Bengal?

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26.) To what extent has the growth of large-scale agriculture impacted soil quality in Uttar Pradesh, and what actions have been taken to mitigate 1.) the negative impacts?

27.) What is the impact of rising sea levels on coastal communities and ecosystems globally, and what measures are being taken to mitigate the effects?

28.) To what extent has the increase in renewable energy usage in Maharashtra affected wildlife populations and ecosystems?

29.) What are the implications of widespread deforestation in Arunachal Pradesh on global carbon cycles and climate change?

30.) To what extent has the growth of industrialisation impacted water quality in Nepal?

31.) To what extent has offshore oil drilling had an impact on marine ecosystems?

32.) To what extent has the growth of wind energy affected bird populations in Gujarat and what measures have been taken to reduce the impact?

33.) How has climate change affected the migration patterns of species worldwide and what are the implications for biodiversity and ecosystems?

34.) What are the effects of increased tourism on coral reef ecosystems, and what measures have been taken to mitigate the impact?

35.) What is the impact of increasing the use of groundwater for irrigation on water resources in Uttar Pradesh?

36.) To what extent has the growth of large-scale mining in Odisha impacted local ecosystems and communities?

37.) How does the pH level of soil in Andhra Pradesh affect the growth and yield of locally grown tomato plants?

38.) How does light pollution in urban areas of India affect the migratory behavior of birds during their seasonal migrations?

39.) How does plastic pollution impact the water quality of the Ganges, and what measures can be taken to mitigate its negative effects?

40.) How do different types of water filtration systems commonly used in households affect the pH and turbidity levels of water, and which filtration method is most effective in improving the overall quality of drinking water?

41.) How does the use of pesticides by farmers in a specific agricultural area affect the diversity and abundance of species within the local ecosystem, and what alternative pest control methods could be implemented to minimize negative impacts on biodiversity?

42.) What is the relationship between air pollution levels and asthma rates in Mumbai, and how can community-based interventions be implemented to reduce exposure to air pollution and prevent asthma-related health issues?

43.) How do changes in temperature and pH levels affect the growth and survival of algae in a local pond?

44.) What is the impact of deforestation on soil erosion rates in a tropical forest in Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

45.) How does the introduction of non-native species, such as invasive plant or animal species, impact the biodiversity of a specific local ecosystem in India?

46.) What is the effect of different types of fertilizer on the growth and yield of Mung bean?

47.) How do changes in ocean temperatures affect the distribution and abundance of a specific marine ecosystem such as coral reefs?

48.) What is the impact of human activities, such as agriculture, industry, and urbanization, on the pH levels of a specific local lake in India?

49.) How does the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power, affect the carbon footprint of a rural community in the state of Tamil Nadu?

50.) What is the effect of different types of soil, such as clay, loam, and sand, on the growth and yield of a specific crop, such as rice or wheat, in a particular agricultural area in India?

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