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best online IB Business Management HL Tutors

Our Proven T.E.S.T. Methodology

Theoretical Framework

Primarily students take lessons from an IB Professional Business Tutor in small groups of 5 students or less.


Explanatory Videos

Afterwards when the student has grasped the basics, they can move to watch more in-depth explanation videos to improve their knowledge.

Strengthening Concepts

Strengthening Concepts

After that, the student starts to drill with modular exercises which helps in perpectuating their abilities.

Time Bound Tests

Finally, the student progresses on to handling mock tests under exam-like setups.

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World-Class Online IB Buisness HL Tutors

Customized Classes

We are not believers of traditional teaching. Mass teaching means teaching 30 different students in only one way. Here at tychr classes are customized according to the student's strengths.

First Class, Then Fee

There is no need to commit to us beforehand, you are only asked for payment after classes even without initial sign-up fees.

Accomplished Educators

Our team always recruits the finest tutors, who are experienced in this field and have graduated from prestigious colleges.

Proven History

Sucess stories are our reason to keep this initiative going. Our tutors manage to encourage and assist our students to get into the college they want.

Master Tutors

We deliver only the best tutors available, and our trust is with the most experienced educators we have in our team.

College Application Service

Your mentors are the finest people to advise candidates since they have gone through the same process themselves.

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