Université PSL (Paris Sciences & Lettres)

About the Université PSL (Paris Sciences & Lettres)

Founded in the heart of Paris, Université PSL, also known as Paris Sciences & Lettres, is a renowned institution dedicated to interdisciplinary excellence. Comprising a rich tapestry of prestigious schools, PSL offers a diverse range of academic programs spanning the arts, sciences, and humanities. With a strong emphasis on research and innovation, PSL fosters an environment where creativity and knowledge converge. It is home to some of France’s brightest minds, producing groundbreaking research and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. PSL is a symbol of academic prowess and a hub for intellectual exploration in the vibrant city of Paris.

A brief history

Université PSL (Paris Sciences & Lettres), founded in 2010, stands as a testament to France’s commitment to fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and academic excellence. Born out of the integration of several prestigious academic and research institutions in Paris, PSL has quickly emerged as a hub for innovation and intellectual advancement. The university’s formation was a response to the growing need for cross-disciplinary approaches to address complex global challenges.

General information

At Université PSL (Paris Sciences & Lettres), students can immerse themselves in a rich and vibrant academic environment, complemented by a wide array of cultural, social, and extracurricular activities. The university’s commitment to holistic education is evident through various aspects of student life. The university boasts a dynamic club and society landscape, with over 200 affiliated clubs catering to a diverse range of interests. Whether one’s passion lies in Chess, Women in Science and Engineering, or even unconventional groups like the Chocolate Lovers’ Society, students can connect with like-minded peers and pursue their interests beyond the classroom. Sports enthusiasts have an array of options to stay active and healthy. The campus features excellent sports facilities, including a heated indoor pool, an athletics track, a sports field, and a spacious strength and fitness gym. These resources cater to a wide range of athletic pursuits and promote physical well-being. Just as the University of Melbourne offers a distinctive academic approach, Université PSL also promotes an interdisciplinary educational model. Students are encouraged to explore a diverse array of subjects during a preliminary year, allowing them to develop a comprehensive understanding of various disciplines. This approach broadens students’ knowledge horizons and equips them with a unique breadth of knowledge.

Quick facts about Kyoto

  • Ranking: Université PSL (Paris Sciences & Lettres) is consistently ranked among the top universities globally for its academic excellence and research contributions.
  • Student Enrollment: With a diverse student body, Université PSL enrolls over [insert number] students across undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs, fostering a vibrant and inclusive learning community.
  • Research Impact: Université PSL is renowned for its significant research output and impact, contributing to advancements across various fields. It stands as a hub of innovative research and academic collaboration.
  • History and Legacy: Established [insert year] years ago in [insert year], Université PSL boasts a rich history and heritage, reflecting its enduring commitment to education and scholarship.

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Université PSL is known for its prestigious reputation in the academic world, offering a diverse range of programs across various disciplines. It excels in research and innovation, contributing significantly to advancements in science, arts, humanities, and more.

Université PSL is committed to an interdisciplinary approach to education. It encourages students to explore subjects beyond their chosen majors, fostering a well-rounded understanding of various fields and promoting creative problem-solving.

The university provides numerous opportunities for student engagement through cultural activities, clubs, societies, and events. Students can join over 200 affiliated clubs, spanning interests from arts and sciences to sports and hobbies, enhancing their overall university experience.

The university’s 10 residential colleges play a crucial role in fostering a sense of community among students. These colleges offer not only accommodation but also academic and social support, organizing cultural and sports initiatives that enhance the overall university journey.

Université PSL maintains strategic partnerships with esteemed international institutions, promoting collaboration on a global scale. These partnerships enrich research, education, and cultural exchange, offering students and faculty exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences.

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Popular Courses

Applied Mathematics

The Applied Mathematics major at Université PSL focuses on the practical application of mathematical principles to real-world problems. Students explore various mathematical techniques and tools to analyze and solve complex challenges in fields such as physics, engineering, finance, and data science. This major equips students with strong analytical and problem-solving skills, making them well-prepared for roles in research, industry, and academia.

Applied Economics

The Applied Economics major at Université PSL delves into the intersection of economic theory and real-world scenarios. Students learn to analyze economic data, understand market dynamics, and make informed policy recommendations. This major equips students with a solid foundation in microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, and quantitative analysis. Graduates can pursue careers in economic research, financial analysis, consulting, and government policy.

Organizational Computer Science

The Organizational Computer Science major at Université PSL focuses on the integration of computer science principles with organizational and management concepts. Students learn how technology can enhance business operations, streamline processes, and drive innovation. This major covers topics such as software development, database management, project management, and human-computer interaction. Graduates are equipped to work as IT consultants, software engineers, project managers, and more.


The Law major at Université PSL provides a comprehensive understanding of legal principles, systems, and practices. Students explore various areas of law, including constitutional law, international law, criminal law, and more. They develop critical thinking, research, and argumentation skills necessary for legal analysis and practice. Graduates can pursue careers as lawyers, legal advisors, judges, or enter public policy and advocacy roles.


The Management major at Université PSL focuses on developing students’ leadership, organizational, and decision-making skills. Students study various aspects of management, including strategic planning, organizational behavior, marketing, and entrepreneurship. This major equips graduates with the skills needed to lead teams, manage projects, and drive business growth across different industries.

Social Sciences

The Social Sciences major at Université PSL offers a multidisciplinary approach to understanding human behavior, societies, and cultures. Students explore fields such as anthropology, sociology, psychology, and political science. This major encourages critical analysis of social issues, cultural dynamics, and societal trends. Graduates can pursue careers in research, education, social services, public policy, and more.

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Eligibility Criteria

Educational Qualifications

You typically need to have completed your secondary education or high school equivalent with a recognized qualification, such as a high school diploma or its international equivalent.

Language Proficiency

Many universities, including Université PSL, require proof of language proficiency in the language of instruction, which is usually French. This might involve providing scores from standardized language tests like DELF, DALF, TCF, or others. Some programs might have specific language requirements.

Academic Prerequisites

Different programs may have specific academic prerequisites or subject requirements. Some programs might require a strong background in certain subjects, especially in science or mathematics for STEM programs.

Entrance Examinations

Certain programs might require you to take specific entrance examinations or tests. These tests can assess your knowledge and skills related to the chosen field of study.

Application Documents

You will likely need to submit various documents as part of your application, including transcripts, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and possibly a portfolio or writing samples, depending on the program.

Application Process

The application process might involve submitting an online application form through the university's application portal. Make sure to carefully follow the instructions and deadlines provided by the university.

Selection Criteria

Admissions to competitive programs can be based on factors like academic performance, standardized test scores, relevant extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, and your personal statement.

International Students

If you're an international student, there might be additional requirements, such as obtaining a student visa, health insurance, and meeting any specific requirements for international applicants.

Fee Structure

The tuition fees for undergraduate students are approximately 170 EUR.

Admission Deadlines

October 17 to December 11, 2023

Notable alumni