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What does AP Psychology entail?

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An online AP Psychology tutor can make it simpler for high school students who want to study psychology in college. Students with online AP Psychology assistance can help familiarize themselves with concepts like behavior and different kinds of psychology. Discover the concepts, hypotheses, and techniques used in the scientific investigation of behavior and mental processes. You will read about, discuss, and analyze data from psychological research studies as you investigate the concepts of psychology. Your ability to assess behavioral studies and comprehend the psychological ideas covered in the course units will both be put to the test on the AP Psychology Exam.

What does AP Psychology enable you to do in the future?

AP Psychology is a course usually taken in junior-senior year. It is a good choice for students who want to obtain college credits. The course can appeal to students with an interest in social sciences, human behavior, and psychological illnesses. Here are some of your major options if you choose to study AP Psychology:


Child Care Management

Criminal Justice

Family and Consumer Sciences



Human Resources Management


Public Health


What top colleges accept and prefer AP Psychology?

Some of the career choices to pursue in college for Psychology are Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Counselors. Here are some of the top colleges you could possibly consider applying to.

Harvard University

Stanford University

University of Oxford

University of California, Berkeley

University of Cambridge

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Summarized Syllabus

Unit 1Chemistry of Life
Unit 2Cell Structure and Function
Unit 3Cellular Energetics
Unit 4Cell Communications and Cell Cycle
Unit 5Heredity
Unit 6Gene Expression and Regulation
Unit 7Natural Selection
Unit 8Ecology

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FAQs – AP Tuition Classes

AP Psychology is one of the easiest AP exams to study for since there are no giant equations you need to know or how they’re derived. Although, you do need a good memorization capacity regardless since all there is to Psychology are the psychological concepts, vocabulary words, and accomplishments of important scientists.

  • Is AP Psychology hard? What is the average AP Psychology score?

AP Psychology is considered one of the easy AP subjects amongst the lot. It is one of the widely taken subjects given its difficulty. The average AP Psychology score is about 3/5 and statistics say that an average of 64% of the students pass the subject.

The table below summarizes the sections of assessment:

Section 1: Multiple Choice

  • Total number of question: 100 
  • Time duration: 1 hr 10 minutes
  • Weightage: 67% of the score

Section 2: Free response

  • Total number of question: 2 
  • Time duration: 50 mins 
  • Weightage: 33% of the score

AP Psychology does not have a lot of material so it shouldn’t be too overwhelming to study. There is plenty of time. There are 5 simple steps to start with: Firstly, take a practice test and see where you stand with the concepts. Find out your weaknesses and strengths and see where you need to focus your time on. Review the concepts that you’re weak in. There is no point in studying the concepts you’re strong in, again. Analyze your strategy on how you would approach the test. Once you go through this process, repeat. Take another test and see where you stand now.

The following percentage split is only an estimate and can vary from exam to exam. This is just to give you an idea of which kind of topics are given the most attention.

Unit 1

Scientific Foundations of Psychology


Unit 2

Biological Bases of Behavior


Unit 3

Sensation and Perception


Unit 4



Unit 5

Cognitive Psychology


Unit 6

Developmental Psychology


Unit 7

Motivation, Emotion and Personality


Unit 8

Clinical Psychology


Unit 9

Social Psychology


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