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We know you know how to read, speak and write. If you’re struggling to analyze, compare and contrast, our tutors are reliable and a one-stop person for you. Tychr’s tutors know English. There’s nothing to boast about that. But scoring a 7 in IB English, that is something you could boast about. Language proficiency, tick. Communication skills, tick. A pretty awesome brain, tick. Have we covered all bases to provide the best?

Semester wise approach

Exam Revision: Practicing IB-style Papers

We stand out for a reason

Monthly progress reports

Monthly progress reports

It will tell you where you stand and how much you’ve improved. It will not seem like a report card - some anxiety saved there, don’t worry.

Seamless Communication on Whatsapp groups

We add you into a group and you stay in the loop. It’s as easy as that.

IB Study materials, Question Banks, etc

We have an exhaustive library of resources for all our subjects. If you go through them all, you’ll be the superhero of knowledge.

Individual doubt clearing sessions

Personalized attention in one-on-one sessions are important. These sessions are to clarify every doubts that the student has.

Individual IA and EE sessions

We extend our hand to aiding with IA’s and EE’s. Long essays, check. Going through multiple drafts, check.

IB style test series

We conduct a series of tests in IB exam style conditions to help prep for the final exam. If it's nerve-wracking, then we know we’ve done a good job.

Toppers talk

There’s nothing more that impacts you than experiences. You will have the opportunity to hear some of our toppers' stories and how their dreams came true.

Sessions from IB examiners

We will have sessions with IB examiners for them to tell you what it is they look for in everything.

Our Proven T.E.S.T. Methodology

Like all our online tuition, IB English Language & Literature SL follows our proven T.E.S.T. Methodology. For the IB English Language & Literature SL, this Means:

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Summarized Syllabus



Part 1: Language in Cultural Context

Part 2: Language and Mass Communication

Part 3: Literature – Texts and Contexts (SL has 2 texts and HL has 3 texts)

Part 4: Literature – Critical study (SL has 2 texts and HL has 3 texts)

External Assessments:

   Paper 1: Guided Textual Analysis

   Paper 2: Comparative Essay + HL essay

Internal Assessments:

Individual Oral: a 10 minute response based on one literary and one non-literary text followed by 5 minutes of questions by the teachers

The Best Online IB English Language & Literature SL Tutors

Individual classes

Personalized classes and peer discussions are conducted to input everyone’s perspectives to gain a broader understanding on the English topics.

Free Demo sessions

You can decide if our quality teaching has reached your expectations of a tutoring class.

Qualified Educators

Our tutors have a thorough understanding of the IB prescribed English books to help you write answers worth a 7.

Success Stories

Tychr’s tutors are here to get you the grades you may need in English to pursue your dream career.


Our tutors are professional and qualified to bring out the right results not only in your papers, but the Individual Oral and the essay.

College Application Aid

With their prior experience in college admissions, they can guide you in the step by step process to get a headstart.

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