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We’re the best in the business and here’s why

Engage with online, one-on-one, tailor-made personalised sessions led by skilled IB French tutors.

IB Teach offers a meticulously designed French course, covering Ab Initio and French B (HL/SL).

TYCHR adapts to your needs, assessing strengths and weaknesses for language success.

Navigate IB French Papers: Productive Skills (30 marks) and Receptive Skills (Listening 25, Reading 40).

TYCHR's resources, daily tasks, assessments, and monthly reports enhance your preparation.

Detail-oriented support for Paper sets, Levels, and HL, including Optional units.

Explore TYCHR with free demos, small groups, and undivided expert attention.

Master critical understanding and effective communication in various contexts with IB French.

We stand out for a reason

Au Delà Des Mots

Monthly progress reports

It will tell you where you stand and how much you’ve improved. It will not seem like a report card - some anxiety saved there, don’t worry.

Seamless Communication on Whatsapp groups

We add you into a group and you stay in the loop. It’s as easy as that.

IB Study materials, Question Banks, etc

We have an exhaustive library of resources for all our subjects. If you go through them all, you’ll be the superhero of knowledge.

Individual doubt clearing sessions

Personalized attention in one-on-one sessions are important. These sessions are to clarify every doubts that the student has.

Individual IA and EE sessions

We extend our hand to aiding with IA’s and EE’s. Long essays, check. Going through multiple drafts, check.

IB style test series

We conduct a series of tests in IB exam style conditions to help prep for the final exam. If it's nerve-wracking, then we know we’ve done a good job.

Toppers talk

There’s nothing more that impacts you than experiences. You will have the opportunity to hear some of our toppers' stories and how their dreams came true.

Sessions from IB examiners

We will have sessions with IB examiners for them to tell you what it is they look for in everything.

Best online IB French SL Tutors

Secure your child’s future at Tychr.

Bonjour! Comment ca va? Merci beaucoup. Is this all your conversation holds? Worry no more, our French tutors are here to help you read, speak and write. Studying a language is hard, isn’t it? Our tutors don’t make it seem like rocket science. They make it seem fun. Our French tutors are monsieurs and mademoiselles. They eat baguettes with style and they teach French in style.

Semester wise approach

Build Francais Harmony at TYCHR!

Exam Revision: Practicing IB-style Papers

Our Proven T.E.S.T. Methodology

Like all our online tuition, IB French SL follows our proven T.E.S.T. Methodology. For the IB French SL, this Means:


Lessons are prepared by credible IB French tutors, and conduct doubt sessions, wherever needed. Student's learning style is analysed by the tutors to provide a customized way of teaching. Theoretical concepts are taught using a unique framework for the dedicated learner.


Pre-recorded videos including topic coverage, tips and tricks and other study material are provided to keep in touch with the concepts while revising, and to strengthen student’s scoring ability !


The student then begins practicing assignments to reinforce their learnings. Listening to French audios and vidoes to make students familiar with the exam structure TYCHR also provides monthly progress reports to keep track of student’s performance.


Finally, the student solves IB question papers in exam-style conditions which include Audio and visual Assessments. They also receive checked answer sheets and a comprehensive answer key for each subject.

How It Works?

Follow the well-grounded 6 step process to uncontested success

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Summarized Syllabus

Cent Pour Cent Excellence


Core Themes

Theme 1: Identities

Theme 2: Experiences

Theme 3: Human ingenuity

Theme 4: Social organization

Theme 5: Sharing the planet

External Assessments:

   Paper 1: Writing

   Paper 2: Listening and Reading  

Internal Assessments:

Individual Oral Assessment: A conversation with the teacher, based on a visual stimulus, followed by discussion based on an additional theme

Leading French Tutors

Fierté Francophone

Individual attention

We offer students personalized teaching so they understand the depths of the French curriculum

Free Demo sessions

You can get a glimpse of what our sessions would be like before you decide to proceed with us.

Experienced Educators

Our tutors are aware of the changes of the curriculum to provide a complete understanding of what IB will expect in terms of answers and IA’s

Success Stories

Our tutors are here to guide you to the 7 you may need in the French comprehension, writing and oral to get into the top tier colleges


The extensive experience of our IB tutors are reflected in the quality of their teaching

College Application Guidance

Our tutors are equipped to help you with your IA’s/EE depending on your career choice thus benefiting you during college applications

Don't forget to check our Forum

Don't forget to check our Forum

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Our Expert Tutors!

Cat 1 – ESS and Cat 2 – Biology. Chief of the IB program. Mentored 320+ students across various curricula.

IBDP Cat 1 – Biology. Specializes in IBDP and A Levels Biology. 10+ years in Medicine with seasoned professionals.

IBDP Cat 1 – Business Management, IBDP Cat 1 – TOK. Taught over 130+ students across 4+ countries.

IBDP Cat 1 & 2 November 2019. Specializes in Global Politics. Many students scored 7s; mentors 200+ students in assessments.

IBDP Cat 2 – English, IBDP Cat 2 – TOK. Qualifications as IB Examiner & Supervisor. Taught over 120+ students.

IBDP Cat 1 – Chemistry, IBDP Cat 3 – IA Chemistry, IBDP Cat 1 – TOK. Helped 2 out of 3 students achieve a 7 in IB Chemistry.

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Our Student'S Results

Score 40+ in IB Exam like they did

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FAQs – IB french TUITION Classes

A few frequently asked questions

IB French courses aim to develop students’ language proficiency, cultural understanding, and communication skills in French. The focus is on both written and spoken expression, allowing students to engage with the language in various contexts.

IB French exams consist of multiple components, including written assignments, oral exams, listening comprehension, and reading comprehension. These assessments collectively evaluate students’ language proficiency, cultural understanding, and communication skills in French. The exams are designed to assess both receptive and productive language abilities.

Yes, IB French courses incorporate cultural elements from French-speaking regions around the world. Students explore literature, films, traditions, and contemporary issues to gain a holistic understanding of the cultural context in which the language is used.

Preparation for the oral component involves practicing spoken French, engaging in conversations, and familiarising oneself with potential discussion topics. Working with a language partner, teacher, or language exchange program can enhance oral communication skills.

IB French courses provide students with a strong foundation in the language, making them proficient communicators in French. This proficiency is beneficial for higher education, career opportunities, and fostering a global perspective, given the prevalence of French in international organisations and diplomacy.

IB French courses are designed not only to teach the language within the classroom setting but also to equip students with the skills needed for real-world language use. Through exposure to authentic materials, cultural insights, and practical communication tasks, students develop the ability to navigate French in various contexts, preparing them for language use beyond academic settings. A