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IB CAS Ideas

One of the three mandatory components of the Diploma Programme that every student must complete is creativity, activity, and service (CAS) (DP). Students participate in a variety of extracurricular activities in addition to their academic studies as part of the Diploma Programme’s CAS course.

There is no official evaluation. However, as part of the DP, students reflect on their CAS experiences and offer proof that they met the seven CAS learning objectives.

The three components of CAS, which are frequently entwined with specific activities, can be summarized as follows:

Creativity – creative experiences in the arts and other fields.
Activity – physical activity promoting a healthy lifestyle and supporting other academic studies in the DP.
Service – an unpaid, voluntary exchange that aids the student’s education. All parties involved have their rights, decency, and individuality respected.

Through experiential learning, CAS enables students to advance their interpersonal and personal growth. It offers chances for independent decision-making and teamwork, encouraging a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment from their work. CAS serves as a significant counterpoint to the DP’s academic demands.

To help you out, here are 50 CAS ideas for you:


1.) Start baking or cooking – Learn a few recipes and maintain a blog perhaps
2.) Write short stories – You can curate a book with a bunch of short stories!
3.) Make a short film – This could just be a summer project you could take up
4.) Take up photography courses – There are so many courses online! Take up one and get a certificate!
5.) Make your own accessories – DIY accessories never get old. Make your own and flaunt your style
6.) Start a school club – This could be an art club or even an astrophysics club. Organize events and what not
7.) Make a blog or vlog! – You could vlog your vacation or a day in your life maybe? (Start a youtube channel and make sure you don’t get paid for it!)
8.) Organize events in your school or outside – This could be a charity event, a standard bake sale or something unique!
9.) Learn a musical instrument – Learn a new instrument and take up exams – become a master
10.) Write for your school magazine – Participating in everything you can in school is always a bonus for your application. Shows that you venture out in to different things
11.) Learn a new language – Duolingo is one of the most popular platforms to learn a new language on. Go for it! Spanish, German, Italian and even Korean.
12.) Join a school club (Chess/Art etc) – If not start one, you could always be a part of one. Take part in the events and get those brownie points
13.) Create an instagram account for your art works – What are you doing with all of your artwork? Create a public account, and show them off!
14.) Create your own food recipe – You could be extremely creative with this. Make your concoction and see how it goes!
15.) Start knitting/embroidery – This could be a good pass time – it’s time consuming but the outcome never fails to surprise you!
16.) Write some poetry – If your creative juices are flowing, just write it on paper! You will amaze yourself.
17.) Participate in an open mic event – Why keep that pretty voice to yourself? Standing on a platform and singing your heart out says a lot about you beginning with confidence.

And we’re off! I hope these IB CAS suggestions have inspired you in a big way. Always keep in mind that CAS should be enjoyable; it should never feel like a chore. Do activities you enjoy doing!

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1.) Run a marathon – Support a cause
2.) Join the gym – If you get the motivation, you would be 1 in 10 people who actually make it to the gym! Go for it.
3.) Try zumba classes – This is for you if you like to groove and get some cardio done. Join a class
4.) Learn to swim – Learning to swim never goes to waste. Take a summer class and learn a stroke or two
5.) Join cheerleading or a dance team – Join your school dance team and take them places! It would add a lot of weight to your application
6.) Take part in sports competitions – If you play the sport, go all out. Take part in competitions, and win a medal. It shows strong extracurricular activities
7.) Do yoga everyday – This could be a healthy practice you can develop. It calms your body and you just might need it with the IB stress!
8.) Go on a hike – Take a breather and go on a hike with your loved one. Gather up your stamina and hit the mountains
9.) Try to cycle to school everyday for at least 2 weeks if you can – Another form of exercise that does not require a membership!
10.) Learn a specific kind of dance – Learn to waltz? Salsa? Anything you want.
11.) Try tennis – Learn the sport or participate in competitions that get you to state or national level Or golf
12.) Have a go at skateboarding too – Skateboarding is cool. Try practicing it (even if it means you may fall a couple times). It shows your determination to learn
13.) Try surfing or rafting – Water sports are never short of fun. You may want to learn to swim before this xD
14.) Attempt rock climbing – Rock climbing is an adventurous sport. Go out and be adventurous!
15.) Try horse riding – Who doesn’t want to horse ride?
16.) Give karate or any form of martial arts a try – Self defense is always important. Go up on the belt rank and there you have another extracurricular activity!


1.) Volunteer in school event management – Help organize events in your school. It demonstrates a lot of skills such as leadership, teamwork and logistics.
2). Join a charity shop
3.) Volunteer at a hospital
4.) Run a marathon for charity
5.) Volunteer at an animal shelter – If you have unconditional love for animals, this would be the right spot for you.
6.) Help walk your neighbors dog or clean their garden perhaps
7.) Hold a bake sale or any event. Give the proceedings to a charity – If you love baking, share that love to your entire neighborhood
8.) Do a campaign on climate change or any global cause – It shows you care about the current problems of the world. While you may not be able to come up with a solution, it shows the effort you are willing to put in by joining or rather starting a campaign.
9.) Volunteer at your library
10.) Help out at a soup kitchen
11.) Volunteer to clean a beach – There is always plastic everywhere and not enough hands to help clean up. Save the aquatic animals and the environment.
12.) Or a local green area (garden, etc)
13.) Organize or take part in a plastic pick-up event in your school or local community
14.) Plant trees in your local community – Don’t stop with a tree or two, make it a practice!
15.) Join your school’s student council – This again shows management and leadership skills – something you wouldn’t want to miss out on for your application.
16.) Act as a translator (without being paid)
17.) Work in a nursing home to help out the elderly

And we’re off! I hope these IB CAS suggestions have inspired you in a big way. Always keep in mind that CAS should be enjoyable; it should never feel like a chore. Do activities you enjoy doing!

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