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IB English A SL/HL Extended Essay Ideas

1.) Comparing The Bluest Eye to The Handmaid’s Tale: How are women represented differently in 1970 and 1985?
2.) How do people use language to construct identities on Instagram?
3.) How has Shakespeare been interpreted differently in 1601 and 2010?
4.) How has social media changed the way we consume and produce information?
5.) What social and cultural factors influence the choice to speak English or not to speak English in India?
6.) How does the role of dominant character differ in Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House compared to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s A Doll’s House
7.) How is money made central to characters’ concerns in The Dolls House?
8.) How is language used in political campaigns to persuade audiences?
9.) How has the narrative structure within Spiegelman’s Maus and Wiesel’s Night influenced the representations of trauma within Holocaust narratives due to their generic specificities?
10.) Why is Shakespeare considered one of the great poets, dramatists, and play writers?

IB Economics SL/HL Extended Essay Ideas

1.) Examining government intervention to increase consumption of electric vehicles in India?
2.) To what extent has COVID-19 made India substitute cash with digital modes of payment through UPI and what are its spillover effects?
3.) What market structure best characterizes the bottled drinking water industry in Maharashtra, India?
4.) To what extent have the central bank’s interest rate cuts affected the real-estate industry in America in 2022?
5.) To what extent has the recent fall in the Indian rupee affected exports of generic drugs in the state of New Delhi?
6.) To what extent has demonetization in 2016 affected the gold jewellery sector in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region?
7.) How successful has the government’s implementation of higher indirect taxes on tobacco products been in reducing consumption of cigarettes in India?
8.) To what extent has Indian Premier League 2022 success facilitated economic growth in India?
9.) What steps can the government take to boost employment in order to improve the state of the economy?
10.) The impact of public goods on private industry in Indian economy

IB Mathematics AA SL/HL Extended Essay Ideas

1.) Alhazen’s Billiard Problem
2.) Higher-Dimensional Generalizations of Pascals Triangle
3.) Is there a correlation between the golden ratio and architecture?
4.) Investigating the relation between Fibonacci sequence and Pascal’s Triangle
5.) Vedic Mathematics: An investigation of its effectiveness and exploration of its applications
6.) Archimedes calculation of areas in Integration
7.) How well can pi, phi, Euler’s number, square roots, and other irrationals be approximated by rational numbers? (Approximation of irrational numbers by rational numbers)
8.) What was the role of mathematics and geometry in navigation? (Geometry of navigation)
9.) Sophie Germain’s Theorem
10.) Mathematics behind Spirals in nature

IB Business management SL/HL Extended Essay Ideas

1.) To what extent has Apple Inc.’s prioritization of product innovation and advertising led to sales of iPhone 14?
2). To what extent has McDonald’s marketing strategies played a major role in becoming a prominent fast-food company in India?
3.) To what extent has Zara been successful in reshaping the Indian branded clothing market?
4.) How will the late market entry of Disney Hotstar impact its market share in India?
5.) To what extent is the acquisition of Jimmy Choo by Michael Kors successful?
6.) How effective are the measures taken by Starbucks in response to raising competition in the coffee industry in India?
7.) To what extent has Coca-Cola successfully penetrated the Indian market?
8.) To what extent has McCafé contributed to the growth of McDonald’s in India?
9.) To what extent marketing strategies used by H&M helped it gain market share in Sweden?
10.) To what extent will Tata SIA Airlines Ltd (Vistara) be successful in the Indian aviation market?
11.) The impact of social media on brand loyalty in the fast food industry.
12.) The role of leadership style in the success of small businesses.
13.) The effect of globalization on the competitiveness of domestic firms.
14.) The impact of corporate social responsibility on consumer purchasing decisions.
15.) The role of diversity in the decision-making processes of large corporations.
16.) The effect of technological innovation on the supply chain management of a specific company.
17.) The impact of market deregulation on the pricing strategies of utility companies.
18.) The role of culture in the international expansion of a specific company.
19.) The effect of economic recessions on the financial performance of a specific industry.
20.) The impact of government policies on the business strategies of a specific company.

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IB Physics SL/HL Extended Essay Ideas

1.) To what extent does the viscosity of the damping medium and the height placement of the viscous damper affect the damping factor of oscillations caused during varied frequencies of seismic activity on a building.
2). To what extent are the G force and centripetal force experienced in clothoid loops vary by changing the radius of curvature and pitch of the loop?
3.) How does the velocity of a bicycle on a flat horizontal surface affect its stability?
4.) How does the maximum height that the water rocket can reach change with the variation of the initially filled amount of water?
5.) Investigating the effects of changing the distance between the magnets (distance between the stages in a gaussian gun) and the velocity of the ejected metal marble.
6.) Which structure of silicon makes the most effective solar cell?
7.) The relationship between the salinity and the refractive index of water?
8.) How does increasing the angle of a simple pendulum affect the time period?
9.) Do wine bottles of different shapes behave as Helmholtz resonators?
10.) Is the efficiency of electromagnetic damping of a moving glider a function of the initial kinetic energy of the glider?

IB Chemistry SL/HL Extended Essay Ideas

1.) How does varying the concentration of hydrogen peroxide affect the light emitted during the oxidation of luminol using hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite?
2). An investigation into the effect of temperature on the kinetics of a photochromic dye fading using spectrophotometry.
3.) An investigation on the amount of calcium in raw milk, and a comparison of milk treated in the laboratory to commercially treated milks due to the effect of heating.
4.) How does the temperature and time of storage affect the Vitamin C concentration measured as through the iodine titration and spectrophotometry in citrus fruit juices?
5.) An investigation into the effect of concentration of primary alcohols and hexane and the effect of the amount of carbon atoms within the alcohol to the enthalpy of combustion of the mixture?
6.) Comparison between the effects of the addition of various cations via salt solution on the aggregation of silver nanoparticles synthesized via the reduction method.
7.) How quick is the rate of neutralization of sodium hydroxide by fatty acids, produced through the hydrolysis of milk fat, catalyzed by lipase enzymes from different coffee seeds?
8.) How does varying the solution pH and sodium ethanoate concentration affect the rate and yield of ethane production from its electrolysis?
9.) Is the amount of sulfur dioxide in disposable chopsticks a potential health hazard?
10.) How does the anodising time affect the thickness of the oxide layer and therefore the amount of dye absorbed when Type II dye anodising aluminum?

IB Biology SL/HL Extended Essay Ideas

1.) The effect of different levels of light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis in a specific type of plant.
2.) The impact of habitat destruction on the population dynamics of a local species of mammal.
3.) The role of genetic variation in the evolution of antibiotic resistance in bacteria.
4.) The effect of different levels of carbon dioxide on the rate of respiration in yeast cells.
5.) The impact of pollution on the immune system of fish in a local river.
6.) The role of symbiosis in the nitrogen cycle of a specific ecosystem.
7.) The effect of temperature on the rate of enzyme-catalyzed reactions in a specific type of plant tissue.
8.) The impact of different types of fertilizers on the growth and development of a specific type of crop.
9.) The role of genetics in the development of a specific inherited disease.
10.) The effect of different levels of physical activity on the cardiovascular health of humans.
11.) To what extent does pH and moisture levels affect the germination and growth rate of Oryza sativa
12.) Effect of natural sunlight versus artificial light on the growth rate and photosynthesis rate of Peperomia
13.) Changes in the leaf nutrient and pigment contents of Chlorophytum comosum in relation to irradiance and various fertiliser compositions
14.) Influence of iron-rich soil on the germination and growth rate of Z. mays seedlings under various magnetic field strengths.
15.) Effect of various caffeine dosages on human reactivity and eye sensitivity.
16.) To what extent does alcohol concentration affect the inhibition of growth of E. coli
17.) To what extent do various growth hormones affect the population of nitrogen fixing bacteria within the roots of seedlings
18.) Investigation of lactic acid production in correlation to various forms of exercise
19.) To what extent does light wavelength affect the inhibition of growth of mold on Fragaria x ananassa
20.) Determination of the most ideal sulphur and nitrogen composition of soil for the highest yielding protein content of Phaseolus vulgaris

IB Mathematics AI SL/HL Extended Essay Ideas

1.) Investigation of geometric series within the keys of a piano with respect to a song
2.) Implementation of various probability theorems and determining which theorem is most accurate in prediction of winning patterns for a game of uno
3.) To what extent does modelling various objects’ volume and surface area using several calculus theorems return accurate measures of volume and surface area
4.) Prediction of a nation’s currency value overtime with numerous techniques and determining the most accurate technique
5.) Investigation of background noise on the short-term memory and learning capacity of individuals
6.) Investigating and predicting the probability of winning at roulette
7.) Statistical analysis of various factors that influence the death rate during a festival
8.) Implementation of cubic equations into the construction of origami pieces
9.) Investigation of the Z transforms and its utilisation in calculating frequency response
10.) Modelling image compression utilising Fourier transforms.

IB Hindi Extended Essay Ideas

1.) The Evolution of Hindi Literature: A Historical Perspective.
2.) The Influence of Hindi Cinema on Indian Society and Culture.
3.) Comparative Analysis of Dialects in Hindi Literature.
4.) Portrayal of Women in Hindi Literature: A Feminist Analysis.
5.) The Role of Hindi Language in Promoting National Identity.
6.) The Impact of Hindi Language in Political Discourse in India.
7.) The Representation of Social Issues in Hindi Films.
8.) The Influence of Sanskrit on Modern Hindi Vocabulary.
9.) The Use of Hindi in Advertising and Marketing in India.
10.) A Comparative Study of Hindi Literature and Other Regional Literatures.
11.) The Role of Hindi Newspapers in Shaping Public Opinion.
12.) The Influence of Hindi Folklore on Indian Culture.
13.) Exploring the Poetry of a Renowned Hindi Poet.
14.) The Cultural Significance of Hindi Festivals.
15.) The Contribution of Hindi Writers to Indian Literature.
16.) The Impact of Hindi Language Policies on Regional Languages in India.
17.) Depictions of Historical Events in Hindi Literature: A Comparative Study.
18.) The Influence of Hindi Poetry on Contemporary Music Lyrics.
19.) The Role of Hindi in Preservation of Traditional Indian Knowledge Systems.
20.) The Representation of Religious Diversity in Hindi Films.
21.) The Evolution of Hindi Script and Its Impact on Language Development.
22.) The Cultural Significance of Hindi Idioms and Proverbs.
23.) Portrayal of Mythological Themes in Contemporary Hindi Literature.
24.) The Role of Hindi Literature in Promoting Environmental Awareness.
25.) The Influence of Hindi Literature on Popular Culture.
26.) The Representation of Social Injustice in Hindi Theatre.
27.) The Evolution of Hindi Journalism: Print vs. Digital Media.
28.) The Role of Hindi in Promoting Science and Technology in India.
29.) The Representation of Gender Identity in Hindi Literature.
30.) The Influence of Hindi Literature on Children’s Education.
31.) The Portrayal of Political Movements in Hindi Cinema.
32.) The Impact of Hindi Language on Business and Commerce in India.
33.) The Representation of Regional Diversity in Hindi Literature.
34.) The Influence of Hindi Poetry on Indian Nationalism.
35.) The Role of Hindi Literature in Promoting Health and Wellness.
36.) The Representation of Caste and Class in Hindi Cinema.
37.) The Evolution of Hindi Language in Modern Communication.
38.) The Influence of Hindi Literature on Artistic Expression.
39.) The Role of Hindi Literature in Preserving Oral Traditions.
40.) The Representation of Urbanization in Hindi Literature.
41.) The Influence of Hindi Literature on Political Thought.
42.) The Portrayal of Disability and Inclusion in Hindi Media.
43.) The Role of Hindi Literature in Fostering Cultural Diplomacy.
44.) The Representation of Aging and Elderly in Hindi Films.
45.) The Influence of Hindi Literature on Language Preservation Efforts.
46.) Analyzing the Impact of Hindi Films on the Global Film Industry.
47.) A Comparative Analysis of Hindi and English as Mediums of Education in India.
48.) The Role of Hindi in Promoting Sustainable Development and Environmental Awareness.
49.) The Influence of Hindi Music (Bollywood) on Indian Society and Global Music Trends.
50.) The Impact of Globalization on the Use and Preservation of Hindi.
51.) Hindi Language Acquisition and Learning Challenges for Non-Native Speakers.

IB Psychology Extended Essay Ideas

1.) The Impact of Childhood Trauma on Adult Mental Health.
2.) Gender Differences in Coping Strategies for Stress.
3.) The Influence of Parenting Styles on Adolescent Behavior.
4.) The Role of Social Media in Shaping Body Image and Self-esteem in Adolescents.
5.) The Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Cognitive Function and Emotional Well-being.
6.) The Psychology of Decision-Making: Prospect Theory and Its Applications.
7.) The Relationship Between Personality Traits and Academic Success.
8.) The Effects of Mindfulness Meditation on Stress Reduction and Mental Health.
9.) The Influence of Music on Mood and Emotions.
10.) The Psychology of Addiction: Causes, Treatments, and Implications.
11.) The Impact of Cultural Factors on Psychological Disorders.
12.) The Relationship Between Attachment Styles and Romantic Relationships.
13.) The Role of Social Support in Coping with Grief and Loss.
14.) The Effects of Video Games on Aggressive Behavior in Children and Adolescents.
15.) The Psychology of Advertising: Subliminal Messages and Consumer Behavior.
16.) The Influence of Peer Pressure on Risky Behavior in Adolescents.
17.) The Psychology of Humor: Cognitive, Emotional, and Social Aspects.
18.) The Impact of Technology on Attention Span and Cognitive Abilities.
19.) The Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination: Causes and Interventions.
20.) The Influence of Personality Traits on Career Choice and Success.
21.) The Way How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Helps in Usual Life.
22.) Paradigm Shift to Governance Ensuring Gender Equality.
23.) Minimization of Biases and Increasing of Objective Decision Making.
24.) A Correlational Study Of Mental Health, Resilience, and Happiness.
25.) Connection of Morality with Function of a Human Being.
26.) Self-Esteem and Self-Satisfaction as Tools to be Happy.
27.) Attention Processing and The Impact of Stroop Effect.
28.) Depression and Suicidal Ideation in Children: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the Strongest Way to Get Rid of Child Depression.
29.) The Influence of Parental Divorce on Children’s Psychological Well-being.
30.) Evaluating the Efficacy of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders.
31.) Exploring the Impact of Mindfulness Practices on Reducing Stress.
32.) Analyzing the Relationship Between Social Media Usage and Self-Esteem.
33.) Investigating the Effects of Exposure to Nature on Mental Health.
34.) Assessing the Efficacy of Group Therapy in Managing Depression.
35.) The Impact of Parental Engagement on Academic Attainment.
36.) Exploring the Consequences of Sleep Deprivation on Cognitive Functioning.
37.) Investigating the Link Between Self-Esteem and Academic Success.
38.) Assessing the Effectiveness of Hypnotherapy in Treating Phobias.
39.) Examining the Influence of Parental Warmth on Child Development.
40.) The Connection Between Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Competence.
41.) Evaluating the Potential of Virtual Reality Therapy in Treating PTSD.
42.) Analyzing the Effects of Social Support on Mental Well-being.
43.) Investigating the Relationship Between Personality Traits and Career Achievement.
44.) Assessing the Efficacy of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) for Chronic Pain Management.
45.) Examining the Consequences of Parental Substance Abuse on Child Development.
46.) Analyzing the Interplay Between Emotional Regulation and Coping with Stress.
47.) Assessing the Effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Treating Insomnia.
48.) The Influence of Parental Nurturing on Child Growth and Development.
49.) Investigating the Relationship Between Self-Compassion and Overall Well-being.
50.) Assessing the Therapeutic Potential of Music Therapy in Addressing Depression.
51.) The Impact of Parental Physical Abuse on Adult Relationship Patterns.
52.) Assessing the Effectiveness of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) in Treating Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).
53.) Examining the Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Satisfaction in Romantic Relationships.
54.) Evaluating the Effectiveness of Schema Therapy in Addressing Personality Disorders.
55.) The Consequences of Parental Neglect on Child Development: A Comprehensive Analysis.

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