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Monthly progress reports

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What does AP Microeconomics entail?

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The AP Microeconomics course is recommended for high school students who plan to major in Economics after graduation. It could be helpful to review the fundamentals of microeconomics and gain proficiency in supply/demand, competition and market failure with the help of an AP Microeconomics tutor. You will learn the economic theories that govern how people behave in a given economic system. You’ll examine, describe, and explain economic topics using graphs, charts, and data.  Your ability to identify economic principles and models, explain given economic outcomes, predict the results of certain economic situations, and model economic events using graphs or other visual representations will all be tested on the AP Microeconomics Exam.

What does AP Microeconomics enable you to do in the future?

AP Microeconomics is an introductory college-level course that you may be interested in if you wish to pursue a career in the Business or Economics field. Here are some of your major options if you choose to study AP Microeconomics:


Business Administration and Management


International Business


Operations Management

Public Policy Analysis

Real Estate



What top colleges accept and prefer AP Microeconomics?

Some of the career choices to pursue in college for Microeconomics are Economics, Business or Finance. Here are some of the top colleges you could possibly consider applying to.

Harvard University

Yale University

Stanford University

Duke University

University of Chicago

Don't forget to check our Forum

Don't forget to check our Forum

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Our Proven T.E.S.T. Methodology

Like all our online tuition, AP Microeconomics follows our proven T.E.S.T. Methodology. For the AP Microeconomics, this Means:


The student attends lessons by professional AP tutors in small batches of 5 students or fewer. They also get access to exhaustive, high-quality study material on almost every topic.


Once the student is comfortable with the fundamental concepts, they begin to watch more explanatory videos to supplement their knowledge.


The student then begins practicing with modular assignments to reinforce their skills. One-to-one mentoring sessions help iron out any misconceptions. Tychr also holds brainstorming sessions with faculty and students from different countries to help students plan their study timeline.


Finally, the student moves on to solving AP question papers in exam-style conditions. They receive checked answer sheets and a comprehensive answer key to each. Tychr also provides performance analysis with real-time rankings for students around the world.

How does this work?

Don’t worry, it’s not rocket science

How will our tutors help you excel in AP Microeconomics?

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Summarized Syllabus

Unit 1

Basic Economic Concepts

Unit 2

Supply and Demand

Unit 3

Production, Cost and the Perfect Competition Model

Unit 4

Imperfect Competition

Unit 5

Factor Markets

Unit 6

Market Failure and the Role of the Government


Elite Online AP Microeconomics Tutors

Individual attention

We offer students personalized teaching so they understand the depths of the Microeconomics curriculum

Free Demo sessions

You can get a glimpse of what our sessions would be like before you decide to proceed with us.

Experienced Educators

Our tutors are aware of the changes of the curriculum to provide a complete understanding of what AP will expect in terms of answers

Success Stories

Our tutors are here to guide you to the 5 you may need in Microeconomics to get into the top tier colleges.


The extensive experience of our AP tutors are reflected in the quality of their teaching.

College Application guidance

Our tutors are equipped to help you with your assessment depending on your career choice thus benefiting you

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FAQs – AP Tuition Classes

There are both multiple choice and free response questions in the AP Microeconomics exam. All questions have aligned prompts, supplements, question stems, and distractors to reflect the questions that students will see on the real exam.

We advise you to refrain from using a calculator when working through sample AP questions because they are not permitted on the AP Microeconomics exam.

The table below summarizes the sections of assessment:


Section 1: Multiple Choice

  • Total number of question: 60 
  • Time duration: 1 hr 10 minutes
  • Weightage: 66% of the score

Section 2: Free response

  • Total number of question: 3 
  • Time duration: 1 hr 
  • Weightage: 33% of the score

The topics covered in AP Microeconomics are supply and demand, output and expenses, perfect and imperfect competition, and marketplaces. On the other hand, in AP Macroeconomics, the course will concentrate on more comprehensive subjects such as national income, business cycles, the financial sector, and international commerce.

The following percentage split is only an estimate and can vary from exam to exam. This is just to give you an idea of which kind of topics are given the most attention. 

Unit 1

Basic Economic Concepts


Unit 2

Supply and Demand


Unit 3

Production, Cost and the Perfect Competition Model


Unit 4

Imperfect Competition


Unit 5

Factor Markets


Unit 6

Market Failure and the Role of the Government


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