Top 8 IB Schools in Singapore

Top 8 IB Schools in Singapore

Are you trying to select a school for your child in Singapore? Singapore homes several international schools that offer the International Baccalaureate. Going to a top IB school in Singapore gives your child international exposure, a more rigorous education, and a path to pursue higher education anywhere in the world.

The IB program is an alternative to the local or national curriculum. All of these top IB schools offer some combination of the Primary Years Program (PYP—corresponding to primary school), Middle Years Program (MYP—corresponding to middle school), and Diploma Program (DP—corresponding to high school).

1) Nexus International School

Nexus International School

Taylor’s Schools launched the Nexus International School brand in 2007, opening the first campus in Putrajaya, Malaysia. The school was renamed Nexus International School (Singapore), and up until 2019 it was situated in Ulu Pandan. It is considered as one of the best IB schools in Singapore; their teachers participated actively in the school’s planning process and adapted some of the greatest teaching techniques. As a result, we have spaces that are open-plan and flexible so that our learner community can utilize them and customize them to meet their learning needs. All learning ages are catered to on our cutting-edge, modern campus, which offers everything from Early Years, Primary, and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programs (IBDP).

An Olympic-sized swimming pool, two gymnasiums, a two-tiered theater, a double-storey library, and an AstroTurf pitch that meets FIFA and World Rugby specifications are among its amenities. There are extracurricular activities available, like swimming, hip-hop, taekwondo, drama, etc.


2) St. Joseph’s Institution

St. Joseph's Institution

St. Joseph’s Institution is a Catholic boys’ school in Singapore that offers the IB Diploma Programme. The school has a strong focus on character development and encourages its students to get involved in various service learning and community service initiatives. St. Joseph’s Institution is known for its rigorous academic program and has a strong track record of producing well-rounded, successful students.


3) North London Collegiate School

North London Collegiate School

NLCS (Singapore) is proud to be the fourth school in the esteemed NLCS network, relying on the lengthy history and illustrious heritage of the founding school in the UK. Our goal is to give our children a transformative educational experience that will inspire them and help them become successful, well-rounded, and compassionate people. Scholars and critical thinkers who possess the capacity and motivation to positively impact their surroundings are produced by NLCS (Singapore). A group of dedicated educators who are all topic experts and leaders in their fields give our top-notch education. We give our teachers the tools they need to foster a passion for their topics and to present a flexible, all-encompassing curriculum.


4) Chatsworth International School

Chatsworth International School

Singapore’s Chatsworth International School, a diversified K–12 international school with a community focus, was founded in 1995. They offer the PYP, MYP and the DP of the International Baccalaureate because they are an IB World School. Based on their educational philosophy to inspire, educate, and enlighten, they take pride in offering top-notch international education at an excellent value. A Chatsworth education is centered on the welfare of the students. IB Diploma graduates from Chatsworth consistently score substantially above the global norm and have earned exceptional outcomes year after year. For three years, from 2019 to 2021, our school’s average was 36 points. For our Year 11 students, Chatsworth is one of the few international schools in Singapore to provide the entire IB MYP eAssessment, which consists of seven courses and a personal project.


5) Stamford International School

Stamford International School

Stamford American International School (SAIS) is the only school in Singapore to offer the full International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme integrated with US Standards, combined with the College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Stamford American, which first opened its doors in 2009, seeks to help kids succeed academically, socially, and as eco-literate citizens in our multicultural society. While they have set high expectations for academic performance and achievement, our educational programme was developed with a focus on the overall development of the student. Our goal is to give every student the guidance, advice, and support they require to realize their full potential. With approximately 3,000 students enrolled across the two campuses, Stamford has quickly established itself as one of Singapore’s best international schools.


6) Tanglin Trust School

Tanglin Trust School

Tanglin Trust School (TTS) is an international school in Singapore that runs as a non-profit organization. Tanglin was established in 1925 and has more than 90 years of expertise providing Singapore’s international population with a British-based education. The oldest British international school in Singapore, Tanglin is known for fusing a UK curriculum with a really global perspective. It is highly respected in the UK by both schools and universities due to its good academics, well-rounded, self-assured students, and diverse range of courses.


7) Global Indian International School

Global Indian International School

Students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 receive a skills-based education at GIIS, a renowned international school in Singapore. Both of their Singapore campuses, Punggol and East Coast, which opened in 2002, nurture their students to develop into well-rounded individuals who are equipped to face the future with confidence. They provide pupils with access to a variety of Indian and international curriculum, such as the IB PYP and the IB Diploma Programme. Students now have the freedom to select a course of study based on their interests and intended future locations. The SMART Campus is a technologically advanced facility that spans 10 acres (3.5 hectares) of land and can accommodate more than 4,000 students. The goal of this school of the future is to provide students with skill-based learning so they may broaden their horizons and become well-rounded future global leaders. 


8) Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) is a highly respected independent school in Singapore that offers the IB Diploma Programme. The school has a strong focus on character development and encourages its students to get involved in various service learning and community service initiatives. Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) is known for its rigorous academic program and has a strong track record of producing well-rounded, successful students.


The top 8 IB schools in and around Singapore are listed above. Making a site visit and speaking with parents and existing students at the school before enrolling may be beneficial before you decide on one of the best IB schools in Singapore.

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