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Exploring the PH V-alue of Cambridge Undergraduate courses.

Exploring the PH V-alue of Cambridge Undergraduate courses.

The University of Cambridge is the laboratory of our writing investigation. But the technological advancements are so much that we should not lose our focus.

Let us be restricted to the hypothesis given that “Entities called PH and V” exist and help us in comprehending the PH V-alue of the University.

Not dragging the puzzle anymore, let us come to the point.

Alphabets ‘P’ ‘H’ and ‘V’ are nothing but the usual ‘A to Z’ alphabets. These acronyms have been used to get to the point. That is to investigate the ‘P, H, V’ courses and their details that have been put under the latest 2024 undergraduate prospectus.

Courses starting with each of these letters shall be explored below.

Letter H has the following courses in store for us

  • History
  • History and Modern Languages
  • History and Politics
  • History of Art
  • Human, Social, and Political Sciences


The field of history taught at the University of Cambridge is one of the interesting fields. Filled with experts and scholars in the field, the course of history is considered essential to understanding the past.

It is a three-year BA (Honors) degree and is available at all colleges.


An applicant is expected to be

  • A level in many courses offered by the department or IB higher level history.
  • If you are an IB person, you should have 40-42 points with 7 7 6 at the Higher level.
  • Some colleges require written exams before a final call. Check https//www.undergraduate.study.cam.ac.uk/applying/admission-assessments for such colleges.
  • The exam duration is one hour and requires you to write on a short historical theme with analysis and comparisons.

What can you explore?

  • Since the course taught is dynamic, one expects to learn not just ‘The Economic Prosperity of the Mughal Empire’ that is History, but ‘Social conditions that sustained it’ (sociology) or ‘administrative strategies that furthered it.’ Hence the interdisciplinary approach taught to the students at the undergraduate level makes the field more fascinating to learn.
  • The university also allows you to specialize in any field of your interest by allowing you to experiment with material as interesting as Hollywood movies, Middle Eastern newspapers, or plague records. Approaching learning through ‘popular culture’ is an emerging study worldwide and has helped in learning the unlearned.

What facilitates your study?

The University location in the first place is most important. That is because it has museums around it. The museums provide the student easy access to unlock the archives, manuscripts, and pamphlets, related to art, culture, or literature of any period. This can bring wonders in discoveries and research about history.

If you have that historian within you, this place may get more out of you.

Tuition fee

  • The tuition fee for the Home fee status students starting their first undergraduate degree in 2023 will be £9,250 for the year.
  • For International students, the fee status may vary. As they may have to pay some other costs as well like college fees, course studying, etc.

Expected Careers

Making the best of the students under their rigorous programme. It has been found that students absorb themselves in diverse fields from industries, to finance, teaching, research, and journalism, among others.

What learners say


History and Modern Languages

The University of Cambridge provides an insightful learning of History with languages. It means there are ample options available if one is interested in learning about new places. Command over language gives access to a society profoundly.


The conditions of the course are similar to the History one. However, the conditions for language selection are

What can you explore?

  • Being a four-year degree, a student gets immense time to investigate not just the History and languages of  Europe. But they get access to learn about other places as well.
  • The most interesting service of this course is that during the third year, a student gets a chance to learn abroad. In the place of his/her interest, their language and culture.

Languages available to study

  • German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish from the basics. Or post-A Level/post-IB Higher Level.
  • Portuguese from the basics, and French post-A Level/post-IB Higher Level.


  • Availability of accessible University and college libraries.
  • World-renowned experts.
  • Access to University’s Language center
  • Access to Seeley Library, which is counted among the largest history libraries in the world.
  • Online reliable sources provided by the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages (MML).

Tuition fee

  • The tuition fee for the home students is £9,250 for the year 2023.
  • The tuition fee for international students is £24,507 for the year 2023.


Students of the department being multilingual and having exposure to staying in different places make it to any employable sector easily.

Most of the students land in fields like public administration, consultancy, teaching, and the charity sector.


http//www.careers.cam.ac.uk/degrees.asp to know more about how students have benefitted after they left Cambridge.

Watch the short course film


Some of the other courses related to the letter ‘H’ are

History of Art



Human, Social, and Political Science



History and Politics



Also read What should I take, Edexcel or Cambridge?

Letter ‘P’ as per the updated prospectus includes

  • Philosophy
  • Psychological and Behavioural Sciences


Yes, No

I agree, I disagree

Good Bad

Your assertion is wrong, let me put it this way.

That is a general understanding, let us go into the argument deeply.

Well, If you had put it the other way, you would have been in easily.

Arguments like the ones mentioned above and many more are generally associated with the comprehension of the philosophical style of thinking. Searching for wisdom has been a human inclination for ages, and the power of words may make or mar a lot of activities happening around us.

To ensure that students enrolled in this course develop such skills, the University provides the avenues through the letter ‘P’ in this case.

It is a 3-year BA (Honors) course.


  • A-level and IB-level points are the same as those mentioned above.
  • The assessment format includes Multiple choice logic problems and an Essay.

What can you explore?

    • Exploring papers on Greek, Roman, and modern philosophy.
    • Learning the Analytical style of thinking because it was at this university that experts like Russell, Moore, or Ramsey contributed to the analytical style.
    • Pre-admission reading suggestions from the university itself include
  • D Hume Enquiries
  • J S Mill Utilitarianism
  • B Russell The Problems of Philosophy
  • S Blackburn Think
  • R Descartes Meditations

Tuition fee

  • The tuition fee for the home students is £9,250 for the year 2023.
  • For international students, the fee is £24,507 for the year 2023.
  • The fee structure may change for both as per university requirements.



Heading to the acronym V

V in our case stands for “Veterinary Medicine.” 

Animal care and conservation have been part of emerging research on the same.

When environmental crises are at an alarming level, the whole ecosystem is under threat.

A major threat has been also to the animal lives.

If you care for the cause and are determined to contribute to otherwise conventionally a weird job, the prestigious Cambridge is giving you space to make possible the “impossible.”

The University provides upgraded facilities to achieve excellence in the field. The add-on to this course will allow you to have a keen focus on practicality. To have quality output, small-group teaching is preferred.

The duration of the course is 6 years.


  • A*AA level
  • IB points 42, with 776 at the Higher level
  • Science and mathematics subjects
  • A level in Chemistry, and anyone among Biology, Physics, or Math.
  • Committed students in the profession who have an interest not just in animal disease but also in animal health are welcomed.
  • The requirements of the profession should be met as per the guidelines of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS).


  • Fully equipped ICU
  • Post mortem suite
  • Cancer units in Europe provide radiotherapy to the affected animals.
  • Animal surgical suite
  • Availability of farm animals
  • Clinical skill centers for skill practicing.

Tuition fee

  • The tuition fee for home students is £9,250 for the year 2023.
  • For international students, it is £63,990 for the year 2023.
  • Fee variations are expected every year.
  • Additional costs are also applicable depending on the items used and courses taken each year.




We have found the PH V-alue of a few undergraduate courses from the humanities to the scientific field. Our investigation informs us about many values associated with each field ranging from course outline, to the fee structure. Each course has for the undergraduates immense opportunities to develop and enhance their potential.

Making them ready for today and prepared for tomorrow.

Many other letters can be explored as well to understand the UG courses and the opportunities they provide in an accessible way.

Following the 2024 prospectus, the letters that can be read further are

A, C, D, E, F, G, L, M, N, and T.



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