IBDP Psychology Chapter 7 Notes

health psychology


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The chapter on Health Psychology explains the two different models of health which are the biomedical model and the bio psychosocial model. It provides a brief understanding of the determinants of health like social environment, physical environment, genetics, etc. Next, the chapter discusses obesity as a health problem, it’s causes and factors determining it. We also discuss the models of health behavior along with the research done by various scholars on the health belief model.

This is followed by the Theory of Planned Behavior given by Ajzen supported by the research done on Theory of Planned Behavior. Dispositional factors that affect the health of an individual like genes, stress, personality, neurochemistry of the brain, etc. are explained in detail. Alcoholism and substance related addiction is also mentioned.

Along with the discussion on health problems the chapter also examines the approaches to promote health like self-empowerment approach, community development approach and behavior change approach which can be brought about with the help of tools like education, fear, legislation etc. We also discuss stress as a health problem and it’s theories and models. Various ways to improve the health an individual through exercise, yoga, etc. is also discussed.