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What is the Extended Essay?

The Extended Essay (EE) is an independent, self-directed piece of research, finishing with a 4,000-word paper. The EE is one of the core components of the IB contributing to the bonus of 3 points. This, combined with the TOK essay, is graded according to a TOK/EE matrix that determines how many points you will additionally obtain. With your extended essay, a viva voce will be conducted to test your knowledge and spontaneity of how much you have learned from writing your essay.

The best part of the EE is that you get to choose which subject you want to do research in, so it’s best to go with your passion and gut.

What are the benefits of doing the Extended Essay?

The EE helps showcase your depth of understanding of the research carried out. It is an advantage not only for school but for an array of opportunities ahead of you. It provides an opportunity that helps in independent research whilst developing research skills, inquiry, open-mindedness and creativity along with many more of the IB learner profile traits.

Combining the planning, researching and time management into your extended essay to satisfy all the criteria, writing this 4000-word essay can be very beneficial in the long run, especially when you have assignments in your university. By writing your extended essay to satisfy the criteria and being able to manage your time effectively, you would have become entirely prepared to write lengthy essays and research papers at the university level, which is highly vital and beneficial.

How can we help you with your Extended Essay?

At Tychr, we have tutors who can help you excel in the EE and secure an A grade. We will provide guidance with ideation, step-by-step guidance, reviewing drafts, and finalizing your essay. We’ve got you covered!

Here’s the strategy that we follow:

Picking which subject is best for you to do the extended essay in

This is the first and most important step. Narrowing down the subject which is right for you involves more than figuring out your areas of interest. It must also be feasible to conduct research and contain scope for in depth analysis.

Brainstorming for ideas on various topics

Once a subject has been finalized, we will then delve deeper into the topics on which you find most fascinating and that one could conduct research on.

Using inspiration to make your own authentic research question

The next step involves formulating a research question. This carry marks in your final grade, and it is very important to ensure that we are neither too vague, nor too specific.

Ensure that you are thorough with the extended essay guidelines

Before you begin the essay, it is highly crucial to be well aware of what the research should consist of, what structure you should follow and other guidelines to keep in mind at all times.

Planning the structure of the essay

Before you start typing and experimenting, we require a skeleton of the essay to know exactly what our next step will be. A lot of students end up getting confused and start over, hence emphasizing the importance of a structure.

Noting down all references

Another very important step to keep in mind is noting down all citations when referring to an external source. Students often lose track of all their references and end up getting caught for plagiarism.

Collecting data and using various methods to analyze it

We will ensure to find the best and most effective method to collect data, whether it be primary or secondary or both. Then, we will walk you through the process, ensuring to get constant updates.

Reflecting and improving

Once the data has been collected and if we are not satisfied with results, we may choose to experiment further and see which method is the most suitable for the optimum results.

Reviewing and finalizing

Once the essay is done, we will continue to re-vist and re-write whatever necessary until it is good to go.

Plagiarism check

The last and most important step is checking for plagiarism. If there is too much information that is plagarised, we will work on excluding and re-phrasing to ensure that it is within the limit.

How does this work?

Don’t worry, it’s not rocket science

Some important tips to keep in mind

Don’t forget to read the EE guide

The IB has a very detailed guide on the Extended Essay—that most students never read! Before looking for a textbook or internet resource, read the official IB guide.

Don’t wait until the last minute

You really should start the EE early. As the deadline approaches, you will get unimaginably busy with other work—tests, internal assessments, college applications, etc. The EE needs a lot of time and the earlier you start, the better.

Don’t forget the EE rubric and criteria

You have to remember to tailor the essay to the actual IB criteria which you will be scored on, so remember to write with those in mind.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew

Yes, the EE is a great opportunity to work on some independent research, and it might be the first such opportunity you’ve ever had. However, you’re not expected to revolutionize the field with your extended essay, and it’s unlikely that you’ll be the first person to write about your topic. So, pick something interesting but manageable, that is within your ability to write a great essay about.

Do NOT cheat

Plagiarism in any part of the IB is taken very seriously, and the EE is no exception. Your work must be totally original, and any sort of plagiarism is just not worth it. You will be caught, and the consequences are severe. Citation is an important part of research in general. You should have high-quality sources that you document carefully in a bibliography.

Writing your extended essay is a thorough learning process. As much as you are invested in finishing it, it is important to learn just as much and have fun during experimentation and documentation.

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Don't forget to check our Forum

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