Amanjeet Singh

Graduation: Masters in Physics

Experience: 10+ Years


Amanjeet Singh brings a remarkable blend of international corporate acumen and educational prowess to the realm of physics education. With over a decade of teaching experience spanning IGCSE, IBDP/MYP, and AP curricula, he has honed his skills to create a dynamic learning environment for students.

What sets Amanjeet apart is his diverse background. His curriculum isn’t limited to textbooks; he seamlessly integrates real-world insights into his lessons, giving students a profound understanding of how physics influences various career paths.


A mentor as much as an educator, Amanjeet has guided students towards success in SAT subject tests, NIOS examinations, and even aviation tests. His unique ability to unravel complex concepts through practical examples has made him a favorite among students. In his classes, curiosity is kindled, and the spirit of inquiry is nurtured, fostering a genuine passion for learning.

Amanjeet’s teaching philosophy centers around interactive engagement rather than monotonous lectures. Through* student-centered pedagogy,* he empowers learners to take charge of their education, fostering critical thinking and collaborative skills.