Prem Raj Kumar

Qualification: B.E / B.Ed Computer science, Certified Digital Teacher

Experience: 6+ Years


Currently working as MYP Design and DP Computer Science Faculty, guiding them for Extended Essay, Internal Assessment and inculcating practical approaches in teaching technologies.

His journey into the world of computer science education was sparked by a fascination for how the digital landscape shapes our lives. With 6+ years of experience, he has seamlessly combined his passion for technology with devotion to teaching, inspiring countless students to explore the ever-evolving universe of code, algorithms, and problem-solving.


Prem holds 6+ years of teaching experience in an International school with IB, and IGCSE curriculum. As a dedicated Computer Science Teacher, he has been imparting knowledge and inspiring a love for technology among higher-level grade students. Over the course of 6+ years, his commitment to fostering an engaging learning environment and promoting the mastery of essential computer science concepts has been unwavering. He has guided students through various projects, enabling them to develop critical thinking skills and gain hands-on experience in programming languages.