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Support Services for LSE Students

Support Services for LSE Students

LSE offers a comprehensive range of support services to ensure the well-being and academic success of its students. Here is detailed information on each of the support services

The Off Campus Support Scheme is available to provide assistance to the following students

  • First-year undergraduate or General Course students who are not residing in an LSE hall of residence, including Urbanest Westminster Bridge and Urbanest Kings Cross.
  • If you are living in an LSE hall but feel that you would benefit from extra support in settling in, you can approach your Warden, School Representative, Subwardens, or Hall Committee for assistance.

Academic Support

Academic mentors LSE provides a peer mentoring scheme where experienced students offer guidance and support to new students. The Academic Mentoring Portal contains information, resources, and key contacts to help students make the most of their time at LSE and develop a positive relationship with their Academic Mentor. It offers specific support for all students.

Academic Skills Centre

The Academic Skills Centre provides various resources and services to enhance students’ academic skills. This includes workshops, one-on-one appointments, and online resources. Students can access support for improving essay writing, critical thinking, research skills, as well as opportunities for self-study in areas like Microsoft Office, web design, coding, and more through the Digital Skills Lab.

The Academic Support Librarians 

The Academic Support Librarians are here to assist you in your academic journey by offering specialised support based on your department. They serve as your primary point of contact with the Library and can provide valuable guidance on various aspects of your research and assignments. Here’s how they can support you

Research Assistance

Academic Support Librarians can help you with researching for assignments, dissertations, and projects. They can provide tips on effective search strategies, recommend relevant databases and resources, and assist you in locating the information you need.

Library Resources

They can introduce you to the wide range of resources available in the library, including books, journals, databases, and online materials. They can help you navigate the library catalog, access e-resources, and make the best use of the library’s collections.

Citing and Referencing

Academic Support Librarians can guide you on citing and referencing your work correctly. They can explain referencing styles, such as APA, MLA, or Harvard, and show you how to create accurate citations and bibliographies.

Interlibrary Resources

If you require resources that are not available at your library, Academic Support Librarians can direct you to resources available at other libraries. They can assist you in accessing interlibrary loan services or suggest alternative avenues for obtaining the materials you need.

To benefit from the expertise of the Academic Support Librarians, reach out to the librarian assigned to your department. They are dedicated to helping you make the most of the library resources and ensuring your research and academic work is successful.

Career Services

LSE Careers

LSE Careers is a dedicated career service that offers personalized support to students. This includes one-on-one consultations, workshops, and networking events to help students explore career options, develop job search strategies, and enhance their employability skills. The LSE Careers Service is renowned for its support and its strong connections with recruiters.

LSE Generate

LSE Generate supports students interested in entrepreneurship. It provides mentorship, workshops, and funding opportunities to help students develop their business ideas. The program supports LSE students and alumni in building their own businesses in the UK and beyond. LSE Generate also runs a 3-month part-time accelerator program called GAP, which is dedicated to supporting promising early-stage startups co-founded by LSE students, staff, and alumni.

Mental Health and Well-being

LSE Wellbeing

The LSE Wellbeing team offers counseling and mental health support services. Students can access confidential appointments with qualified professionals, participate in workshops, and access online resources. Students can register with the Disability and Wellbeing Service to discuss their circumstances in confidence with mental health advisers. The Mental Health Advisers provide practical support for managing studies while coping with mental health conditions and offer assistance during serious crises or urgent situations.

Peer Support Scheme

LSE has a peer support network where trained student volunteers provide a listening ear, advice, and guidance to students facing emotional or mental health challenges. The scheme also offers referrals for mentoring support. Mentoring provides students with a reflective and supportive space facilitated by impartial professionals who are not LSE staff members.

Accommodations for International Students

International Student Visa Advice Team

LSE offers dedicated support for international students regarding immigration and visa-related matters. Country-specific information is available, including entry requirements for international students. Students can access key details related to immigration and visas through the team’s resources and guidance.

Language Centre

The Language Centre at LSE offers language courses and support specifically designed for non-native English speakers. The aim is to help students improve their language skills and adjust to academic requirements. English for Academic Writing courses are available to undergraduate and postgraduate students who speak English as a foreign language. The Language Centre also provides opportunities for volunteering, language exchange, and informal language practice.

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Additional Measures for Student Well-being and Success

Student Services Centre

LSE has a centralized Student Services Centre where students can obtain information, support, and guidance on various aspects of student life. The center serves as the first point of contact for a wide range of general inquiries. The Student Marketing, Recruitment, and Study Abroad team also offer drop-in consultations for prospective LSE undergraduate, graduate, and study abroad students.

LSE Language Centre

Members of staff are always available in the Language Centre to help you in your language learning. These courses cover a diverse range of languages, including popular choices like Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, and Arabic, as well as lesser-studied languages such as Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, and Italian. The courses cater to various levels, from beginner to advanced, and provide students with comprehensive training in speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

For those seeking to obtain language certifications, the Language Centre offers internationally recognized examinations, such as the DELE for Spanish, DELF/DALF for French, and Goethe-Zertifikat for German. These certifications are valuable for academic and professional purposes, enhancing one’s language proficiency credentials

LSE English Pre Sessional Program

Aim The aim of the English Pre Sessional Program is to provide the highest level of language support to students who need to improve their English for Academic Purposes (EAP) before starting their studies at LSE.

Preparation for Studies

The program ensures that students are well-prepared for their academic studies at LSE. It also offers the opportunity to fulfil the English language requirement for graduate study at LSE by passing the LSE Language Test.

Academic Skills Focus

In addition to improving basic English skills, the program focuses on training students to effectively engage with academia and research. It boosts confidence in expressing ideas clearly, both orally and in written form.

Campus Tour and Student Experience

The program is part of LSE’s international community in the heart of London. Students can take a virtual campus tour, hear from current students, and get a taste of life at LSE and in London.

Personal Tutor System

Each LSE student is assigned a personal tutor who provides academic and pastoral support. Personal tutors help students navigate their studies, address any concerns, and provide guidance and coaching on academic and pastoral topics throughout their time at LSE.

Financial Support

LSE understands the financial challenges that some students may face and provides a range of financial support options. The Financial Support Office offers guidance on scholarships, bursaries, hardship funds, and government financial assistance programs. They provide information on eligibility criteria, application processes, and deadlines, helping students access the financial resources they need to pursue their studies.

Study Abroad Support

LSE encourages students to explore global opportunities and offers support for studying abroad. The Study Abroad Office provides guidance on available exchange programs, partner universities, and funding options. They assist students in selecting suitable study abroad destinations, completing application processes, and integrating their international experience into their academic journey at LSE.

Emergency Support

LSE recognizes that emergencies and unforeseen circumstances can arise, and the School is committed to providing immediate support. The Emergency Support Scheme offers financial assistance to students facing unexpected and exceptional circumstances, such as family emergencies or unexpected financial hardship. The scheme aims to ensure that students can continue their studies without significant disruptions during challenging times.

Student Union

LSE’s Students’ Union represents and advocates for student interests. It organises social activities and provides support through various societies and clubs. All students are automatically members of the Students’ Union and can participate in its activities.

LSE Life

LSE Life is a centre that focuses on enhancing students’ personal development, well-being, and academic skills. The centre offers workshops, events, and online resources. The LSE LIFE team delivers talks and skills workshops, organises social events, and provides a dedicated space in the library for studying, relaxation, and meeting other students. LSE LIFE study advisers are available to talk with students about key skills such as reading, note-taking, essay writing, research, exam revision, time management, and more.

LSE’s support services are well-equipped and have a proven track record of supporting students throughout their academic journey, ensuring their well-being and success.

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