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UPenn’s Internship Programs

UPenn's Internship Programs

A student’s preparation for future employment is greatly aided by internships, which give them access to the workforce, real-world experience, and networking possibilities. The University of Pennsylvania (Penn), a famous school, has made a commitment to promoting its students’ growth and development through a variety of internship programs. These programmes not only connect the worlds of academia and business, but they also give students the tools they need to become leaders in their fields. In this article, we’ll look at how Penn’s internship programmes develop future business leaders and the crucial factors that make them successful.

The University of Pennsylvania distinguishes itself from other top universities by providing a number of special benefits to students looking for internship opportunities. 

Here are a few of these benefits:

Comprehensive Career Services:

Penn’s Career Services office is a great resource for students, linking them to a variety of possibilities and offering a plethora of information on available internships. Undergraduates in Penn Engineering are strongly encouraged to look into the numerous offices and tools that make it easier to find summer internships and research positions. These tools include Penn Summer, Engineering Undergraduate Research, Global and Local Engagement, and the Centre for Undergraduate Research & Fellowships.

Summer Programs and Internship Support: 

Penn Engineering undergraduates are actively encouraged to explore various offices and resources that facilitate the identification of summer internships and research positions. These resources include the Center for Undergraduate Research & Fellowships, Engineering Undergraduate Research, Global and Local Engagement, and Penn Summer.

Financial Assistance:

The University of Pennsylvania provides financial assistance for ten-week summer research internships in the humanities and social sciences that take place in archival, historical, or cultural contexts. Additionally, both graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in pertinent degree programmes have access to fully financed research and internship opportunities.

Internship Notation:

While The College does not offer academic credit for internships, students have the option to have their transcript annotated with their internship experience. This notation can be advantageous when applying for employment opportunities post-graduation.

Extensive Resources:

Penn’s Career Services maintains a wide range of resources, including access to Handshake—a recruiting platform that facilitates connections between students and potential employers, internships, event information, and on-campus recruiting opportunities.

Here are some University of Pennsylvania internship programs and their benefits:

BUP Research and Internship Opportunities:

This program offers fully funded research and internship opportunities to both undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania who are enrolled in relevant degree programs. The program aims to enhance students’ formal education by providing them with practical experience in their chosen field. By participating in these opportunities, students can apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios and develop valuable skills that will benefit their future careers.

College of Arts & Sciences Internships:

The College of Arts & Sciences Internships program assists students in gaining practical experience that complements their academic coursework. By undertaking internships, students can further develop their intellectual abilities and expand their understanding of their chosen field of study. These internships serve as a valuable tool for students to bridge the gap between theory and practice, allowing them to apply their classroom knowledge in professional settings.

Summer Undergraduate Internship Program (SUIP):

SUIP is an intensive 10-week summer research opportunity designed specifically for undergraduate students. Through this program, interns are matched with Principal Investigators (PIs) who share similar research interests. By collaborating with PIs and engaging in cutting-edge research, interns at Penn can gain hands-on experience and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their respective fields. Furthermore, interns have the opportunity to participate in a range of events, including concerts, enhancing their overall summer experience at the university.

Penn Genetics Summer Internship Program:

Hosted by the Department of Genetics at the Perelman School of Medicine, the Penn Genetics Summer Internship Program offers a 10-week immersive experience for students interested in genetics research. This program provides interns with valuable hands-on experience in a laboratory setting, allowing them to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical experiments. Under the guidance of experienced faculty members, interns can contribute to ongoing research projects and deepen their understanding of genetics.

Bert and Josette Evans Internship Fund:

The Bert and Josette Evans Internship Fund specifically supports students in the applied behavior analysis (ABA) program at Penn State Harrisburg. The fund was established through a partnership between the Evanses and the University, with the University providing a matching contribution. Once fully funded, this endowment will enable multiple student internships annually. By receiving financial support through this fund, students can engage in valuable internships that provide practical, hands-on experience in the field of applied behavior analysis.

College of Agricultural Sciences Alumni Society Internship Award:

The College of Agricultural Sciences Alumni Society Internship Award recognizes and supports exceptional student performance during internships related to their field of study. This award includes a $1,000 stipend and aims to encourage students to participate in credit or noncredit educational internship programs. By providing financial support, the award enables students to pursue valuable internship opportunities and gain practical experience in their chosen field. This recognition reinforces the importance of internships as a means of enhancing students’ educational journey and preparing them for future career success. Additionally, the stipend assists students with their expenses, and the award acknowledges their outstanding achievements during their internship.

Penn Engineering undergraduate students are encouraged to explore the resources offered by the Career Services office to discover summer internship and research positions. The office maintains a comprehensive database of internship opportunities, allowing students to find relevant and valuable experiences in their field of study.

One such program is the Summer Humanities Internships (SHIP), which provides funding for 10-week research internships in cultural, historical, or archival settings within the humanities and social sciences. By participating in SHIP, students gain practical experience that complements their formal education and enhances their professional development.

The Global Research and Internship Programs (GRIP) offer students the chance to intern or conduct research abroad for a period of 8 to 12 weeks during the summer. This program provides students with a unique opportunity to broaden their horizons, gain international experience, and further enrich their education while acquiring practical skills in their chosen field.

Penn students interested in the field of biomedical engineering can benefit from the BMES Career Connections program. As a member of this network, the University of Pennsylvania allows students to access a national database of internship opportunities in biomedical engineering. This platform expands students’ options and increases their chances of finding internships that align with their interests and career goals.

The Summer Undergraduate Internship Program (SUIP) is a highly immersive 10-week research opportunity designed specifically for undergraduate students. Through SUIP, students engage in hands-on research experiences and receive a competitive stipend. The program also covers on-campus housing and transportation costs for one round trip to the University of Pennsylvania, ensuring that financial concerns do not hinder students from participating in this valuable research opportunity.

For students seeking internships in fields that offer limited stipends or are unpaid, the Career Services Summer Funding Program provides financial support. This program assists students in covering the costs of living in cities with a high cost of living, enabling them to pursue valuable internships that might otherwise be financially challenging.

Furthermore, Penn’s prestigious Wharton School offers a dedicated internship program called Wharton Industry Exploration (WIE). This program allows undergraduate students to explore different industries through immersive summer internships, where they can apply their business knowledge and gain exposure to real-world challenges. WIE helps students make informed decisions about their career paths by providing them with valuable industry insights and professional networking opportunities.

Penn’s commitment to interdisciplinary education also extends to internship programs. For instance, the Integrated Product Design (IPD) program combines design, engineering, and business to train students in developing innovative products. Through partnerships with industry leaders, IPD students have access to internships where they can further develop their skills and apply their multidisciplinary knowledge.

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The Pennovation Center:  

a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, offers yet another avenue for students to gain practical experience. This state-of-the-art facility provides spaces for startups and research collaborations, fostering an environment of creativity and collaboration. Students can take advantage of internships and research opportunities within the Pennovation Works ecosystem, working alongside entrepreneurs and industry professionals to bring innovative ideas to life.

In addition to the diverse range of internship programs offered by the University of Pennsylvania, the institution’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation provides another avenue for students to gain valuable experience and develop their leadership skills. Penn’s emphasis on entrepreneurship is evident through programs like the Weiss Tech House, a student-run hub that promotes innovation and provides resources for budding entrepreneurs. Students can participate in programs such as the Startup Internship Program, which connects them with early-stage ventures and exposes them to the dynamic world of startups.

By providing comprehensive career services, financial assistance, and a wide range of internship opportunities across various disciplines, the University of Pennsylvania ensures that its students have the necessary tools and support to excel in their chosen fields. These internship programs not only bridge the gap between academia and industry but also empower students to become future leaders, equipped with the skills and experience needed to make a significant impact in their respective industries. Through these immersive experiences, Penn students are well-prepared to navigate the professional world and contribute to society as innovative and entrepreneurial leaders.


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