1. Improve your vocabulary

In order to tackle the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section, you must ensure that you build your vocabulary each day as much as possible. Usually, students use flashcards to learn the meaning of 5 or 10 new words each day and apply them in a real life setting. This will save time when it comes to comprehension as you will understand the text much better. Make sure that you start to improve your vocabulary way in advance of your test in order to retain that memory and understand the different vocabulary better.

2. Improve your reading and writing

When it comes to the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section, it can be a little difficult to finish it within the time constraint. Hence, reading and writing are extremely crucial to doing well in this section. Furthermore, familiarising yourself with the texts and vocabulary will help you comprehend the different sections much better. When it comes to the history text, it is highly recommended to do some background reading on American history so that not only will the content be familiar to you, but also the style of writing. 

3. Utilize SAT study materials

There are countless SAT prep books and various other resources online. These books guide you by providing tips, practice questions, reading examples and so much more. Take advantage of these SAT study materials to improve your knowledge and understanding of the test.

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