1. You get more flexibility in scheduling classes at your convenience.It helps maintain social distancing and contributes to preventing the spread of infections like covid in current times.

  2. Since online tutoring is a one-on-one business, chances of distraction from a third person are minimal.

  3. Online tutoring promotes the use of pdfs and other online resources which reduces the expenditure on books. It also encourages students to study beyond the syllabus via the internet.

  4. Online tutoring can be interesting as a student can interact with the teacher through interactive features of video communication apps such as annotation, drawing, screen sharing etc.

  5. Students can study from the teachers of their choice without worrying about the travel or distance.

  6. They can study across the globe from their rooms.

  7. Online classes with the tutor can be recorded which helps students in revision.

  8. Online tutors have the scope of using high-definition diagrams and simulations to explain to students the best possible way.

  9. Online tutors can get innovative with their testing method through quizzes and time-bound tests. These help them assess the speed and accuracy of the students.

  10. Shy and introverted students can use online tutoring to ask their doubts without having to feel embarrassed and compromise. It can eventually help them open up.

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