The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme or the IBDP is a global, worldwide education program consisting of a curriculum that helps the students widen their educational experiences and perspectives so they have the opportunity to apply the various skills they acquire throughout this course. It is a rigorous two year program where the student will be rewarded with a globally recognised diploma. The curriculum has three-core components which are the Theory of Knowledge (ToK), the Extended Essay (EE) and Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS). A matrix is created to figure out the total points of the extra given 3 after 42 subject points. As there are 6 subjects, the range of scores attainable are 1 to 7. 

Depending on what curriculum you studied in class 10 and your goals for the future, you would pick the IB for 11th and 12th grade accordingly. If you wish to study a rigorous, interdisciplinary course with the intention of pursuing higher studies abroad, then the IB is a great choice. However, if you plan to do university in India, as the IB diploma program is not tailored to meet Indian requirements, whether it be applying to colleges or preparing for entrance exams. If you have done ICSE or CBSE in 10th grade, you might find it a little difficult adjusting to the workings of the IB, whereas the students who have done IGCSE or the IB MYP programme find it a little more convenient.

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