1. The AP was developed in the US to help prepare high school students for university. Students can pick as many AP courses as they like. Whereas the IB is an internationally recognised diploma, developed in Switzerland. You must pick at least 6 subjects, three at a higher level and three at a standard level. While both help students receive college credit, the IB is more internationally renowned. 
  2. The AP only consists of teaching students specific content and testing their knowledge through exams. The IB, on the other hand, is much more than that. It not only conducts exams but also emphasises on writing and developing critical thinking skills. Students are required to engage in research and much more. 
  3. In India, IB has become increasingly popular in metro cities, while the AP is still quite rare. So if you take the AP exams, you still have to choose a board in high school, whether it be ICSE or CBSE. However, when it comes to college credit, most colleges give credit for AP exams and higher level IB subjects, but not the standard level.

Overall, the IB not only gives you college credit but also offers a much more holistic education and prepares you for university. Depending on your goals for the future, such as the country you want to study in, you will have to pick a curriculum accordingly.

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