How you can put the ‘personal’ in Personal Essay

How you can put the ‘personal’ in personal essay

In this blog, we won’t be going through the steps to writing a personal essay. Because there are plenty of articles that surround that and it does nothing but give us a structural idea. While that can be important, I’m going to tap into your emotions instead. 

Today, we will answer one of the hardest questions, what makes you, you? 

We have seen so many articles tell us that when it comes to your college essay, just be you. Always, be authentic. Be real. Be honest. But it’s easier said than done. 

So, what constitutes a good college essay? Finding the best subject to write about first involves comprehending what the prompt is asking for and giving yourself enough time to come up with a few ideas. The next step is to decide how to produce an engaging essay that showcases your distinct viewpoint. You’ll draught several draughts to perfect your structure and wording. You’ll conduct a last sweep to ensure that everything is accurate after your writing is as compelling and effective as possible. 

First, you will have to figure out what to do. 

You should be well aware of the essays you need to write before you begin. By assessing whether an essay may be used for more than one prompt, you can prepare the best strategy for each essay and reduce the amount of effort you have to do. You will need to go through and figure out what exactly you need to submit for each school.   

What are some Experiences and Ideas in Your Life

What skills, talents, hobbies, or other peculiarities do you have that universities might be interested in learning about? Simply put, what distinguishes you from others? Possible topics include pursuits outside of school, intellectual pursuits, occupations, notable one-time occurrences, tidbits of family history, or anything else that has influenced your outlook on life.

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The finest themes are frequently those that are unexpected or just a little unique, like your obsessive devotion to Portugese music or your family road trip to nowhere. If you’re a Harmonica player and want to write about the impact music has had on your life, you’ll have a higher bar to clear because you want your essay to add something to your application.

You can write about a more difficult aspect of your personal history, such as the death of a parent, a significant illness, or a difficult upbringing in the essay. Make sure, however, that you are at ease discussing specifics of the experience with the admissions committee and that you are able to detach sufficiently from it to accept helpful criticism of your essay.

What do you want to show about yourself? 

The goal of the college essay is to demonstrate something about the applicant, not just to tell a narrative. You must clearly state the point you want to convey about who you are, the type of college student you would be, or the lesson you learned from the experience you’re discussing. 

Writing about your feelings is probably not something you do often. The personal statement’s reflection section can therefore be overlooked in favour of just recounting a narrative. The most crucial essay, however, should describe what the topic you are discussing meant to you personally. You can ensure that you include this by deciding how you want to connect your experiences to your personal development from the start in the essay.

Phew, now you know yourself. Get to work. 

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