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Top 10 Free ACT Practice Tests

Top 10 Free ACT Practice Tests

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You may have been in this part of the world where you learned everything but never took time out to practice what you have studied. That’s exactly what we are going to change today! ACT has never been easy to crack, even if it is, students still struggle with scoring top marks.

There could be plenty of plausible reasons as to why we scoreless even after covering up all the portions theoretically. One of the common reasons students say is time management, it is necessary to have a few trial tests before appearing for the big one.

This definitely helps in

  • Understand your pace and be well-timed
  • Be comfortable with the structure/question formats
  • Analyzing your strengths and weaknesses
  • Guidance to review your own answers
  • Helps with endurance for the actual test

Now, this is where it gets tricky, these methodologies are provided almost everywhere but what we don’t get provided is how to tackle it.

So before you leave your motivation, let’s scroll down and start with your ACT practice questions with the help of these top 10 free ACT practice papers.


Provides free online practice examinations worldwide including ACT papers, they have broken down the approaches to each subject as a guide for students to understand techniques in each paper.

Check out their abbreviated practice tests to have better clarity and practice.

The Princeton Review Tests!practice

The Princeton Review is an exam preparation service that also offers tutoring and admissions aids, as well as online courses and books. They provide online SAT, ACT, and graduate school entrance exam preparation. On the Princeton Review’s website, you can find full-length free ACT practice questions.

You’ll get a detailed score report showing your strengths and shortcomings when you complete the practice exam. You are provided with free ACT practice examinations not only online but also in person. Remember to sign in to avail all these for free.

Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors is an organization that provides tutoring services through virtual learning. They also provide aid in test preparations including the ACT.

Tons of online practice exams in more than 70 disciplines, with detailed results reports. You can work on a single subject or question type or take full-length practice exams.


Magoosh is a Berkeley, California-based online test preparation and study abroad counseling firm that teaches students through audio/video courses, practice test questions, and online email assistance.

You may as well be entertained by their informative videos on youtube. Mangoosh guides to maximize time and keep focus. It is known for its test-taking strategies for the science section.

NB: Before you scroll down make sure to save this blog and download all the ACT practice papers before you procrastinate!

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice – Vladimin Horowitz

Test – Guide

Test Guide is one of the largest sources for free practice tests which also includes additional help through prep course reviews.

Their team has compiled and produced over 5,000 of the most recent ACT practice questions, all of which have been updated for the year 2021! The outcomes of the ACT practice exams are automatically scored, and answer explanations are included.

Union Test Prep

Union Test Prep is an online website aimed at helping students prepare for many entrance examinations for FREE! They provide practice tests, study guides, exam tips, and flashcards.

They are known to be of great help for students aiming at cracking the ACT, especially with their flashcards they tend to stand out from the rest of the sites. The site may contain ads that could be a little disturbing whilst browsing. 

Mcgraw Hill

McGraw Hill is a learning company based in the United States and one of the “big three” educational publishers, offering customized educational content, software, and assistance for pre-K through postgraduate studies.

They provide global help and support to educators and students. You could give more focus to ACT science here than reading passage sections, which have more authentic contents. English and Mathematics are said to be pretty close to the real ACTs in terms of difficulty. 

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Peterson’s is a global corporation known for its excellent educational services that focus on education and training after high school and beyond.

They offer a variety of live, copy, and online products and services, such as test preparation, job research tools, memory retention strategies, professional writing services, and a variety of financial help, such as scholarships. Peterson provides full-length ACT papers with wrong answers along with explanations and tips.


SparkNotes are one the most comprehensive study tools for literature, math, science, and other subjects. It has its reputation when it comes to accuracy. Do check out their page to provide yourself with some important tips, to just brush up some points right before leaving for the exam.

Official ACT Prep

One of the most visited official websites for ACT preparations. Once you login, you will be provided with the latest ACT papers for practice. They have also extended their services through books, courses, and live classes. Some services may be paid but there are still options to access a lot of ACT papers.

Note: Since the ACT structure hasn’t changed much in the last decade( with exception of the essay), tests from 2010 are remarkably similar to tests of 2020. So don’t go running for only recent ones which could possibly be paid. 

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