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What can you do after graduating IB?

What can you do after graduating IB?

Phew. IB is done. Congratulations! Does it sound real? Well, believe it or not, it is. After strenuous 2 years of studying, cramming, sleepless nights and anxiety you finally give yourself a break. It is definitely no small feat reaching the end of this course because not only have you studied for 6 different subjects, but you have also written 12 page documents for almost all of them in addition to a 4000-word essay and of course, TOK. Oh and don’t forget the 150 hours of CAS you contributed. You should be proud of yourselves for getting through this during a pandemic. It is kind of funny isn’t it? Your mind would’ve been yearning to just finish IB and have fun for the last 2-3 months. Now that you’ve actually finished it, you might feel a little empty. Continue reading the article to know about the things you can do after graduating IB.

Now, a lot of people don’t know what to do when they’ve finished the IB. 2 years of hard work.. and now what? You may seem like you have nothing to do but read further to find out!

Like I said before, give yourself a break. Just rest and maybe get some sleep

After completing all the hectic years and graduating from IB, you need to make sure you get time to rest and recover from everything you’ve been through during the summer. It is important to start fresh with a new mindset before you begin the next important chapter of your life.. College, gap year, job or anything for that matter. This is the perfect time for you to catch up on your loong list of tv shows and movies you’re yet to watch, pick up a new interest and honestly, just enjoy the summer outdoors. You don’t want to be holed up in a place you’ve been in for 2 years, do you?

Prepare for what’s next. An adventure, perhaps?

Now that you don’t know what to do, it may seem overwhelming. But, don’t worry, many people go through this phase. Here’s the good news: IB has trained you and molded you in a way where you would be prepared for anything. Most importantly, the tenacity you gained from the DP course will help you adapt and thrive in any environment. So start preparing for your plans after graduating IB.

A good start would be to decide the schools you want to apply for. People in the November session might have to start while they’re finishing up their exams, but, on the contrary, for the May session, you’ve got time until fall. If you’re not sure about how you have to write your essays, read our blogs! 

Join TYCHR as a tutor!

If you’ve achieved a good score and want to help other students, TYCHR is the place for you. With a 7 in the subject or just a mere passion for teaching, you can just further build up your CV! Do you have a skill to communicate concepts in simple ways? In effective, and friendly methods? Teaching might just be the thing for you. Especially for students, tutoring is practically easy money! You’re just teaching what you know well. If you’re a person that you think would enjoy this, reach out to us.

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Wait for your results. See if you want to retake your exams.

You might want to let go of this as quickly as you entered DP. Unfortunately, the journey doesn’t entirely end until you get your results. Some of you may be satisfied with what you’ve got but some may not. It is worth considering if you would like to take your exams again. While it may seem like something the universities are not quite pleased with, it definitely boosts your grade up; especially when the university requires a specific grade for the subject. Preparing for the retake might sound daunting because you’re going through it again. But if you feel like you’re struggling and you need some help, you can reach out to TYCHR’s tutors!

Try to reflect on what you’ve learned (might sound boring, but it’s worth it)

You’ve gone through 2 years of many obstacles and hurdles. Sit down and think back of what you did wrong and what you did that helped you. It’s always good to think about what happened and what went well. Reflecting may not go back in time and change anything, but it will prepare you for future hurdles.

Get internships

You are one of two people: A student with a list of internships lined up for you or you’re just “going with the flow’. Having an internship is a good way to deeply understand anything about the career you want to pursue later. 

Let’s be real here. Getting internships is difficult; especially for a Grade 12 graduate. You need to have realistic expectations of what kind of internships you can get. Some are meant for undergraduates and some are meant for people after graduating Ib. Unless your parents have friends that could get you an internship, it will be difficult to find one. Especially if you’re looking for a stipend. Do not shoot down your confidence if you’ve not been inducted in the companies you are applying for. Humbly apply and convince them how you can add value to the company. The objective is to gain exposure. 

Do nothing

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