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What is the SAT score required for Harvard?

What is the SAT score required for Harvard

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A SAT is a Scholastic Aptitude Test that students write for their college applications. This test puts a test as to how ready high school students are for college. This test holds a lot of value to competitive colleges because it gives them a way to evaluate the high school students apart from their school records.

The better the score, the higher chance you have of getting into top tier/ ivy-league universities. However, along with your SAT score, you would need good academic grades, recommendations, extracurricular activities, and such. Harvard is a highly competitive and a very selective school. The admission rate is only 4.6% which means that they reject over 95 applicants of every 100 students who applied. This includes the early admissions as well.

Therefore, the acceptance rate for regular admissions comes down to 3%. This would tell you how stellar your application needs to look for you to stand out. You would need to keep an eye out for the difficulty of the admissions since a lot of domestic and international students apply. Once you know what Harvard is expecting, you can tailor your application and needs towards it. 

As for the SAT score required by Harvard, they have given the students the option of taking the test due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic for the next four years. Nevertheless, it is up to you to submit their test scores or otherwise. As of now, the average percentage of the applicants submitting their SAT scores is 69.

So, even if you do not want to submit them, it won’t be held against you. However, if you were to submit your test scores, you need to make sure it is close to the 75th percentile to maximize your chances of admission. So far, studies show that the average composite SAT score at Harvard is 1520.

Harvard would also want to see a required minimum SAT score of 1460 if you, as an applicant, want to be considered. The table below summarizes the scores according to percentile for an easier understanding:

SAT Section 25th Percentile 50th Percentile (Mean) 75th Percentile
Reading + Writing 720 750 780
Math 740 760 800
SAT Total 1460 1510 1580

Additionally, with respect to your G.P.A, if you have an average below 4.18, you may need to compensate and score higher on your SAT’s to show that you’ve prepared to take on college academics. The other major challenge is that you would need to impress the college admissions board that you are an all-rounder when it comes to academics, accomplishments and extra-curricular activities.

However, having a strong suit in one and getting below a 1520 on your SAT lowers your chance of being considered for admission. Harvard gives the choice of submitting the SAT or ACT scores with or without the writing component. While Harvard recommends the applicants to submit 2 SAT subject test scores if they’ve scored in the 90th percentile or higher, they do not explicitly require the applicant to do so now since the College Board does not offer Subject tests.

There’s a rule they don’t teach you at the Harvard Business School. It is, if anything is worth doing, it’s worth doing to excess. – Edwin Land

Although, if you have written any SAT subject tests in the last 5 years, you can submit them. Additionally, you can even let Harvard know if you want them to consider your test scores:

  • If they are already on file and you change your mind about Harvard considering them for the admissions process, you can choose to proceed without your scores at the time of the application. 
  • If you require them to review your test scores either at the time of application or after, Harvard will consider it during the admissions process.

Finally, with good test scores and if you meet all the necessary requirements, you could also consider applying for Harvard’s scholarship and receive financial aid. Harvard is committed to affordability and their scholarships cover 100% of your demonstrated financial aid.

There is a process that happens; first they establish how much your parents can contribute in terms of college tuition and such. The next step is that they would factor in the performance of the student and any awards that they’ve received outside.

Nevertheless, Harvard does not provide 100% scholarships; they require contributions from the students as well. You will need exceptional test scores, a good GPA (over 4.18), and adequate extra-curricular. An average test score and GPA that gets a student admitted is 1540 and 3.9 respectively.

If you have decent scores, don’t hesitate to try. Harvard still considers applicants with a minimum required  SAT score of 1460 however, there is a lesser chance that you might get admitted. 

All in all, we know that Harvard is an extremely competitive school. But, if you put in the required hardwork and dedication, you will be able to get into any ivy league that you desire.

Starting off by prepping for the SAT’s (if you wish), you will need to aim for a score between 1520 – 1600 to have a good chance of being considered during the admission. Now that you know what to aim for, good luck for your SAT’s! 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is the SAT score required for admission to Harvard?

A: There is no specific SAT score required for admission to Harvard, as the admissions process is holistic and takes into account many factors in addition to test scores, such as GPA, extracurricular activities, and essays.

Q2: What is the average SAT score of admitted students at Harvard?

A: The average SAT score of admitted students at Harvard is around 1520 out of 1600. However, it’s important to note that this is just an average and many admitted students may have lower or higher scores.

Q3: How important are SAT scores in the Harvard admissions process?

A: While SAT scores are considered in the Harvard admissions process, they are just one factor among many. Admissions decisions are based on a holistic review of each applicant’s entire application, which includes academic performance, extracurricular activities, essays, and more.

Q4: Can a low SAT score negatively impact your chances of getting into Harvard?

A: A low SAT score can impact your chances of getting into Harvard, but it’s not necessarily a dealbreaker. If you have other strong areas of your application, such as outstanding academic achievements or significant extracurricular involvement, these may offset a lower SAT score.

Q5: Can a high SAT score guarantee admission to Harvard?

A: A high SAT score alone cannot guarantee admission to Harvard, as the admissions process is holistic and takes into account many factors. However, a high SAT score can increase your chances of getting accepted, particularly if it’s combined with other strong areas of your application.

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