Recognising the Benefits of an IB Diploma in High School

Why choose IB 10 reasons to study for the IB diploma in High School.

The IB diploma programme is a rigorous course of study that aims to develop “inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect”.

But you might be wondering how a two-year-long programme could transform someone that drastically. The IB teaches students how to think, and it provides numerous skills and knowledge to overcome the various challenges in life.

Keep reading to discover the top 10 reasons to choose IB in high school, and why this might just be the ideal course for you. 

 1. Freedom

Students have the freedom to seek out what truly interests and inspires them.

Unlike most boards, IB students have the liberty to pick subjects of interest from 6 groups namely, mathematics, language acquisition, the arts, sciences, humanities, and literature.

IB provides the opportunity for students to discover their passion by studying a wide range of subjects, and are not compelled to specialise. Students are able to then use this knowledge that they acquire in the classroom and beyond to develop their IAs and EE. 

2. Research skills

Speaking of IAs and the EE, another major benefit of the IB programme is the great extent to which it enhances students’ research skills.

The extended essay, internal assessments, and the theory of knowledge are components of the IB programme that demand students to develop advanced independent research and organizational skills.

This skill in particular is highly essential to carry forward as it will help familiarise students with doing research at a university level. 

3. Time management

Managing time is what most students find challenging. Procrastination and cutting corners are not going to assist students to maximize learning. Keeping a journal of all the assignments that students are required to do and their dates could be beneficial as this will help keep track of things and prevent procrastination.

During their journey in IB, students learn to think forward and prioritize their work accordingly by establishing proper study habits, setting aside time for extracurriculars and other essentials. 

4. Critical thinking

The IB really teaches students that education is more than just memorizing the content in their textbooks.

In order to prepare for higher learning and success in their future careers, the IB equips students with thinking skills to develop and demonstrate the ability to learn, apply and use knowledge to solve real-world problems.

Taking 6 subjects, as well as TOK, enables students to be more open-minded which allows students to solve and evaluate issues from various perspectives. 

5. Well-balanced

Students taking up the IB learn that the final two years of schooling are much more than just academics. The IB programme doesn’t just involve studying for numerous tests and writing essays.

There is a separate component known as CAS (creativity, activity, service) which requires students to take up 18 extracurricular activities and one 6 months-long project. This equips students with the ability to balance their life at school and home. 

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6. Global mindedness

IB students learn to become global citizens.

Students are able to successfully recognize and learn to take pride in their place in a globalized world by taking up additional languages, learning about various cultures around the world, and through other incorporations of international mindedness into the outward-facing course.

Additionally, the IB provides an interdisciplinary education that allows the students to develop into internationally-minded individuals.

7. Increases academic opportunities

The IB diploma is recognised and welcomed by universities around the globe. Research studies have proven that IB Diploma students have a higher chance to be admitted to top-tier universities in comparison to other students holding other qualifications.

For instance, a study by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) shows that IB Diploma graduates are more likely to enroll in one of the UK’s top 20 universities and colleges than other students with similar qualifications.

8. Personal growth

The level of personal growth that IB students achieve is one of the major reasons for choosing this programme.

IB not only helps you grow academically by making students more knowledgeable, but it also helps students grow as people. Reflecting on daily tasks, balancing multiple things at once, caring, open-mindedness, increased and effective communication— are skills that students can carry forward in life.

The mandatory component, CAS, enables students to work in their community.

This may involve campaigning, fundraising, and other volunteering activities.

This brings about a sense of responsibility as students feel like they are part of something bigger.

This is not typically found in other classrooms, which makes this course especially quite unique.

Overall, IB helps students develop strong academic, social, and emotional characteristics

9. Integrity

Authenticity is a major part of the process. When it comes to brainstorming research topics for IAs and the Extended Essay, writing the actual content, and thinking processes, students learn to explore more within their areas of interest and improve creativity.

As plagiarism is taken very seriously in the IB, the novelty has become an essential characteristic among students. IB graduates often grow up to become principled individuals who act with integrity and honesty. 

10. Risk-takers

IB aims to develop students who are risk-takers by challenging the way students think and encouraging them to be confident in those decisions. Students learn to be less fearful of uncertainties that approach them.

For instance, when the pandemic struck, IB students could rely on coursework for their final grades unlike students from other boards. Students step out of their comfort zones and learn to be courageous when making choices.

In conclusion, pursuing the IB diploma programme comes with benefits that open up various opportunities in the future, equip students with essential skills, and is, therefore, an ideal course for any student.

Overall, the IB offers significant educational and developmental benefits for students. By nurturing intellectual curiosity, the IB programme enables them to embrace a wide range of skills and attributes. 

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