SAT Exam Prep: Your Roadmap to Success

10 ways how to prepare for SAT Exam

If you’re here, it likely states that you have made up your mind to go out of your way and country to pursue your higher education. Trust your instincts and choices, this is perhaps the best decision for you.

It happens to be significantly one of the important exams of your life. It is perhaps the first defining tests a high school student can take. Your score will be used to help and mould your future when weighed as a part of your college application.

It can turn tides and build towers for you. Now that you know that you need to take the SAT. Maybe you have even registered for the text sometime in next three months.

Now the question is what now? How to prepare for the SAT exam? Here’s a guide to take you through preparing for the exams.

These tips and strategies might be quite helpful for your preparation and later a good score –

Know the scheme of the paper 

The SAT exam is not an unknown variable to any of us. The first step to prepare for the SAT exam would be to look at all the components of the paper.

A deeper understanding of what to expect from the paper will be ideal in preparing the course content. 

Please know that there are two sections – English and Maths. The English section constitutes of evidence-based reading and writing. There’s also a third section – essay; however, it is optional to take.

Start from your strength

While preparing for any exam, always ensure to boost your morale by starting off with things which you think you’re good at. The most unique way to study would be to delve in every topic deeply.

However, any prior experience in any part of the subject will be helpful in gather confidence towards your preparation.

Make a balanced and concrete study plan

For any exam preparation, it is quite important for one to make your own strategy of preparation.

By concrete plan, it doesn’t mean to look at various methods available online; rather you should create personal study plan. Start of with a realistic score in mind, devise your time table accordingly. This will help in shaping your study accordingly.

Start from the basics

Most aspirants directly get into solving questions while preparing for SAT.

It is extremely important to know what questions you’ll be asked but you need to have a prior understanding of the subject topics you’ll be dealing with questions. For most of your comprehension part, it is important to read through other texts.

Developing a habit to read in leisure time will help you in understanding the reading section quite promptly.

Test yourself frequently

Knowing the material on the exam is not enough to get you a good score. You need to know how to take the SAT exam which is a separate task in and of itself.

This can only be possible if you start preparing effectively keeping in accuracy and pace in consideration. Keep practicing questions frequently with a set time scheme.

This helps you to ward off exam pressure and also improve your time management skills, which is quite a game during such exams. 

Strategize your answers 

We know that SAT doesn’t have a negative marking scheme. It means there’s always a scope to hit on the most appropriate question without being confident about it and getting it right.

It is always best to use the elimination technique to narrow your choices in options and arrive at the most probable answer. 

Expand your SAT vocabulary 

Most your comprehension-based questions have questions on testing your vocabulary. It is always better to prepare yourself to answer such questions.

To enhance your vocabulary, you can do three things – read challenging articles, pick out unknown words and try using them in your daily life.

Reading through non-fiction texts can be quite helpful as excerpts from this genre are most likely to come in your exam.

However, it is important to not confine yourself to reading one particular genre. Try creating a balance between all genres. Pick a book this afternoon and identify unknown words to you.

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Take an online preparation course 

You may be extremely good at solving questions or perhaps great with grammar and reading elaborate and in dept comprehension questions.

However, as mentioned earlier, time has the key role in your scores. With your great skills in answering questions, you should learn the art of answering correctly within a well stipulated time.

Hence, it is recommended to enrol for an online crash programme to learn strategies, techniques and skills to finish off in time with full accuracy. Also, you’ll always have a back to emphasise on taking tests and assessing your performances from time to time.

Take a break the night before your exam

We all know of our ninja power that arises a day before exams. What we can’t do in months of preparation seems like an easy task on that day.

This might be a hard advice to follow; why would you waste any critical study time right before SAT? However, more important than knowing all the things, it is better to stay relaxed and be content with all that you’ve known throughout your preparation.

More than helpful, last-minute study can induce extra stress, lower your confidence and wear you out.

Try to stay calm and distract yourself with something you enjoy the most.

Stay positive

This perhaps is the first step to prepare for any exam; but should remain intact till last moment. A positive attitude towards any competitive exam preparation is the key to success.

Never think about the consequences after giving your exam, stay positive towards your learning. Everything will set into place if you believe so. With these preparatory tips for your upcoming SAT exams, you’re all good to go star. You’re just a step away from reaching your dream place.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How long does it take to prepare for the SAT Exam?

A: The length of time it takes to prepare for the SAT Exam depends on a variety of factors, including your current skill level, how much time you can dedicate to studying each day, and your target score. Generally, students should plan to study for at least 3-6 months before taking the SAT Exam.

Q2: What are some effective study techniques for the SAT Exam?

A: Effective study techniques for the SAT Exam include creating a study schedule, practicing with official practice tests, reviewing content areas where you need improvement, and seeking out additional resources such as tutors or study groups.

Q3: How many times can I take the SAT Exam?

A: You can take the SAT Exam as many times as you want, although most students take the exam 2-3 times. Keep in mind that some colleges and universities may look at all of your SAT scores when making admissions decisions.

Q4: When should I start preparing for the SAT Exam?

A: It’s a good idea to start preparing for the SAT Exam at least 3-6 months before you plan to take the exam. This will give you enough time to review content areas, practice with official practice tests, and seek out additional resources if needed.

Q5: How can I stay motivated while studying for the SAT Exam?

A: Staying motivated while studying for the SAT Exam can be a challenge, but setting clear goals and rewards, creating a study schedule, and working with a study partner or tutor can help. Remember to also take breaks and practice self-care to avoid burnout.

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