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What is the importance of SAT and ACT exams?

What is the importance of SAT and ACT exams

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SAT is an examination conducted to get admission in various colleges of the USA. It was started in 1926.

The ACT exam is also conducted for the same purpose with a slight difference in comparison to SAT.

The first difference is in the content of the papers while ACT has a specific Science portion, SAT does not have the same, that does not however mean that SAT does not check scientific skills it does but has not a complete portion for the same.

The scoring scales for both are different. The essay part although optional in both examines, however, tests a student in different ways.

SAT essay test majorly checks the ability of the comprehension of a text while ACT focuses more on our evaluative skills.

Lastly SAT is lengthy compared to ACT. It is pertinent to note that any exam ascertaining to recognize your talent and effort for any college application is highly important. The scores secured in these exams will be a benchmark for your college applications.

Therefore, before we move ahead in thinking about why and how they are important, this needs to be kept in mind.

Importance of SAT exams

SAT exam is of profound importance because of its wide acceptability. This exam is accepted by various Indian Universities also apart from the US universities.

Therefore taking this exam broadens our options. SAT also prepares us for other competitive exams, and students who cant take coaching for the same have various online options.

Many practice question papers and sample papers that can be solved, are available on

This test also ensures that students get enough time for preparation, so in that sense, it provides a flexible schedule since it is conducted four times a year that makes this test fit for the students who feel like taking more time for the same.

Also, the students are relaxed in marking too because there is no negative marking for this test.

Importance of ACT exams

ACT exams are important firstly because many Universities in the US have made this test compulsory for admissions in US colleges. So if you are interested in any specific university do check the requirements because in many cases this exam becomes mandatory.

ACT exam also gives you access to various scholarships. It again depends upon the college/University you want admission to.

Many colleges in the US do not require these tests for admission but granting of a scholarship at times is assessed based on various exams taken, and ACT is one of them, so taking it and scoring well of course has an edge over not taking it.

ACT exams develop overall personality in various fields, it is from the time of preparation that this test tries to squeeze best from us. No matter do we qualify for the exam or not, but we get prepared for the rest of the competitions.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better. – Jim Rohn

SAT vs ACT Exam

Introduced the differences earlier but a little more description can be helpful.

As far as syllabus is concerned SAT includes Reading, Writing And Language, Mathematics, and Essay(optional). But ACT includes Reading, English, Mathematics, Science, and Essay(optional).

Test duration for SAT is 3 hours without essay and 3 hours, 50 minutes with essay. For ACT it is 2 hours, 55 minutes without essay, and 3 hours, 35 minutes with essay.

SAT is scored on a scale of 400-1600 while ACT on 1-36.

SAT has limited calculator permission while ACT gives use more freely.

SAT assesses your Grammar/Punctuation, Editing, and Vocabulary skills while ACT focuses more on Rhetorical, Grammar/Punctuation, and sentence formation.

SAT has five reading passages while ACT has 4.

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SAT preparation

SAT preparation can be started initially making your mind ready for the hard and smart work it has to perform. The first resource that can be used is the book of SAT itself published by The official SAT Study Circle(The College Board).

Since it is this board only that conducts SAT exams so their books naturally are more concrete and to the point, as in they know what is to be focused on and whatnot.

Resources should be used wisely and time should be managed judiciously, a key to success. Solving past year’s papers and taking the mock test can make a person more confident.

ACT preparation

This would also start with an individual making himself/herself ready for the exam. After being in touch with the ACT, students should start making themselves aware of the pattern of exams.

This will make them aware of the test. Solving papers and taking tests is essential to both exams, this can lead to identifying portions of strength and weakness. Revising can end it all in the best way.

SAT online tuition classes

The big thing is that it is free and provides diverse options related to SAT exams.

The Princeton Review– SAT prep also offers various programs from self-understood courses to getting personalized tutor services.

PrepScholar-New SAT prep offers courses that are to the point which leads students to stay focused.

ACT online tuition classes is the very own website of ACT that provides all online essential help and guidance to the students.

Khan Academy and PrepScholar Cambridge offer online courses for ACT exams too.

QFS(Quest For Success) is another online platform that takes one on one classes for the ACT.

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