How do you study a subject you hate

How do you study a subject you hate

How Do you study a subject you don’t find interesting? While this sounds absurd, you may most likely see yourself in this situation if you’re doing IB. The IB is a more well-rounded course where you happen to go out of your comfort zone. You will have the option to choose your subjects and you may very well pick what you like the most. But if you wish to pursue a specific bachelor’s degree, universities have requirements. 

Let’s take our most commonly ‘hated’ subject, math. So many people despise the subject, yet they are forced to take it because they would see engineering as an option or computer science. In hopeless situations like this, you will need to figure your way around getting that 6 or 7 in the subject. It’s always good to be well rounded because that’s what IB trains you to do. It will come in handy when you join university whether it be your academics or your extra-curricular activities. 

We’ll go over a few tips that could be helpful to you.

Tip 1: Gather the most interesting resources you can.

By this I mean, anything but just a mere textbook. We have the Internet to thank for this. There are YouTube videos, study websites and much more than self studying in a corner with an open book. Make the learning interesting for you. It can be in the form of a tutor or resources online. It may give you a new insight on approaching the subject. 

Tip 2: Create a schedule.

Now this may sound like the most obvious thing to do and you may have heard it over a thousand times. There’s a reason for it. It actually works. You know what your limits are and you know how much you can handle. Start off with a lighter schedule and add on. The last thing you want to do is bombard yourself with something you hate all at once. Make sure this subject is spread across your schedule and not just till the last minute. It is understandable to procrastinate but don’t do it. Take it in small doses. Begin with 30 minutes a day, yeah? And give yourself a reward after doing it. You’ll want to study more just for the rewards! Trust me, it works.

Tip 3: Know your weaknesses.

You may hate the subject with all your heart and mind. But why do you really hate it? Is it because of your teacher (a very common reason) or is it because you don’t like a certain topic? If you know why you hate it, you’ll know what you can do to change it. This is provided you are open to doing so. Be open minded. Whether it is English or Math, just pick up an audio book or listen to a lecture when you’re going for a walk. Make sure they aren’t the monotonous and boring ones. You may just fall asleep.

Tip 4: Study with someone.

This can go two ways. You may be distracted or you could actually get stuff done. Get a buddy who probably doesn’t hate the subject as much as you. They could possibly help you get through the mud you’re stuck in. Having someone to do all of this with means you can keep an eye on each other (obviously, not in a creepy way), but you’ll be able to track each other’s progress and cheer the other one up. It can be fun to diss the subject together. However, don’t get sidetracked too much! It’s just to get you interested enough to study the subject.

Tip 5: Relate the subject to your daily activities.

Don’t limit the concepts to just your textbook and your exam papers. Try to apply what you learn in real life and you will see yourself understanding better without even trying! It could be understanding the biology behind your diet or why you yawn. It could be applying chemistry to the medicines you take – what effect does it have. And as for physics, that’s just everywhere. All you need is a curious brain as to how things work and physics will give you the answer. 

Tip 6: Sit down with a positive mind.

Remind yourself that this feeling could be only temporary. Remind yourself of why you’re doing it and why it is necessary. You have goals, a dream career and an ambition. Think of this as a step that you need to take to make progress.

Now, you may already know what I just told you. But, the fact that you’re reading it multiple times should be a signal for you to actually start doing these things because there’s no way out! If neither works out, try out tutoring . You never know, it might be your golden ticket to even getting a 6 or a 7 in a subject like MATH! 

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