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The IB (International Baccalaureate) was founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 1968.

It provides high-quality education to children worldwide and helps them develop important skills in the social, emotional, intellectual, and personal arena to compete in the modern globalizing world.

IB has four educational programs for students between the age groups of 3 to 19.


This programme is for learners from 3-12 age groups and lays stress on overall development of the student through an inquiry-based framework.


This programme is for learners from 11-16 years and helps students see the application of whatever they learn in the classroom to the  existing society.


This programme is for students of the 16-19 years age group who are in high school. It is the steppingstone for many students as it prepares them for college and enables them to explore their interests.

IB programmes aim to provide not only education but also a holistic development for students as they become knowledgeable, kind, curious and enquiring individuals who can think critically and solve complex problems.

An IB diploma is widely accepted and helps attain well-rounded skills like communication skills, verbal and written skills. These skills are of utmost importance whether for higher education or while applying for a job anywhere. Students also learn soft skills and develop patience, empathy, teamwork and not focus on studies alone.

Online tutoring has revolutionised the learning experience for children and has made it easy for parents who are working from home to engage their children with well-established online teaching platforms. One gets access to the best of faculty through the internet as highly qualified teachers are available just a click away, e.g., on searching for IB tutoring online, TYCHR is the topmost suggestion.

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The benefits of IB online tutoring tuition classes are mentioned below:

  • The class schedule is very flexible, along with the provision for taking classes beyond regular school timings. One may set up classes with any teacher of their liking at whatever timings suit them.
  • Online classes eliminate barriers and borders as high-quality education is accessible to everyone in the comfort of their home. Students staying in foreign countries can learn from teachers in any other country of their liking.
  • There is a need to keep up with changing trends- be it the educational field or any other field. Since education is being revamped and revolutionized, online classes and crash courses are becoming the new way of life. Students tend to remember visuals better and online classes can be of great help when trying to understand things more clearly.
  • Online classes have an abundance of resources which can be used to understand things better since we can research and try and understand concepts better by using multiple resources. We have the option of learning whatever interests us.
  • As compared to traditional classes, online classes are available at a reasonable price. The cost of most courses available online is much lower than taking a physical class with any professor.
  • Students have access to online classes throughout the year and can learn at their own pace, which is not the case with traditional classes, where there are deadlines to join a course and there is almost zero flexibility in the schedule.
  • The need to travel to a place for studies is eliminated, and thus a lot of time otherwise used for traveling is saved. Along with time, you also save on money for commuting. All you need for online classes is a stable internet connection and a PC.
  • Use of online tools like whiteboards, Google Maps, Google Earth aid the teaching process.

IB tutoring online or any online tuition became even more popular with the pandemic.

Since IB can be a little competitive and difficult to understand for individuals, IB tutoring online have come a long way, providing relief to many students and parents stressing about their wards.

Students who wish to get some guidance when they study can register for IB tutoring online through an extremely easy process. TYCHR Online tutoring is extremely simple.

The process of IB tutoring online through platforms like zoom and Skype helps students get individual attention from the teachers. Problems and queries can be addressed minutely which is not possible in a classroom environment. This is an especially critical time for school going children who are missing out on experiencing learning in the classroom environment.

TYCHR provides IB tutoring online to students to help them learn on online platforms at the time of their choosing and pays attention to every detail while guiding the students. IB tutoring provides full individualized attention to students from the tutor and a set up where the tutor can gauge the students’ progress along with addressing every query raised.

Therefore, along with time flexibility one on one interactions with students are another feature of online tutoring.

TYCHR Is one of the best online tutors for IB in Delhi and Gurgaon.

The students/parents can easily book a demo class for a particular subject and proceed with the classes if they are satisfied with the teaching methodology and the student is comfortable with the teacher. On booking, each student is given special attention.

The doubts of the learner can be addressed by the teacher along with special notes which are curated by the extremely qualified teachers and can help the student to brush up on whatever has been taught in class. Trying to take down notes can be tricky when in a classroom and it can be difficult to be consistent and keep them neat.

There is always a chance of misplacing them, all these issues can be resolved when notes are emailed to the students as per their requirements. Also, since technology is advancing day by day students get more and more comfortable using computers for their education and traditional teaching methods might become completely obsolete.

Features like screen sharing, online quizzes and informational videos on YouTube add to the learning experience.

More so we need to adapt to the changing trends to keep pace with the rest of the world and here is when IB tutoring online comes to the rescue. In schools teachers cannot possibly give personal attention to every student and clear every doubt for them.

However, IB tutoring online is more personalized and students can cross-questions and get their problems resolved right away.

Thus, parents can feel at ease when their children are under the able guidance of the teachers that they themselves have selected after taking demo classes.

This methodology of teaching is economical as well as benefits the learner in ways more than one- the time saved by avoiding commute can be utilized for other important activities during the day which otherwise get neglected but are extremely essential for the overall development of an individual.

To conclude, IB tutoring online is a necessity but there are certain things that parents must keep in mind.

One such thing is screen time of the children, which must be monitored by parents and proper breaks after every class where you give rest to your eyes and relax your body must be incorporated in the schedule.

Our ability to multitask has been enhanced with everything available to us at the doorstep and online tutoring classes are one of those things but care must be taken and the authenticity of everything must be checked.

Children are the future of the nation’s progress and in uncertain times like today it becomes even more important to impart correct knowledge through the right medium.

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