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10 pros and cons of online and offline ib tutoring

For a very long time, Private Tutoring has been an essential support to classroom learning. Tutoring helps strengthen subject comprehension, boost confidence, and build important learning skills. Tutoring gives students individualized attention that they don’t get in a crowded classroom.

This helps children who struggle to keep up, as well as those who aren’t challenged enough. With the advancement of technology, tutoring has also evolved to online platforms enabling services to maximum people.

TYCHR is one such platform that provides the best online tuition classes for national as well as international boards especially mentioning the International baccalaureate.

IB is one of the most growing and famous international boards of school education in India.

While the debate of offline vs online IB tutoring is around, we have a few solid reasons to support your choice. 

Pros of online IB tutoring:

  1. You get more flexibility in scheduling classes at your convenience. It helps maintain social distancing and contributes to preventing the spread of infections like covid in current times.
  2. Since online tutoring is a one-on-one business, chances of distraction from a third person are minimal.
  3. Online IB tutoring promotes the use of pdfs and other online resources which reduces the expenditure on books. It also encourages students to study beyond the syllabus via the internet.
  4. Online tutoring can be interesting as a student can interact with the teacher through interactive features of video communication apps such as annotation, drawing, screen sharing etc.
  5. Students can study from the teachers of their choice without worrying about the travel or distance.
  6. They can study across the globe from their rooms.
  7. Online classes with the tutor can be recorded which helps students in revision.
  8. Online IB tutors have the scope of using high-definition diagrams and simulations to explain to students the best possible way.
  9. Online tutors can get innovative with their testing method through quizzes and time-bound tests. These help them assess the speed and accuracy of the students.
  10. Shy and introverted students can use online tutoring to ask their doubts without having to feel embarrassed and compromise. It can eventually help them open up.

Cons of online IB tutoring:

  1. Spending long hours in front of a computer screen cause health issues in the children such as weak eyesight, backache, obesity etc.
  2. Unlike offline IB tutoring, this method of learning minimises interaction with the peer group which is essential for personal development. 
  3. Parents have to compulsorily invest in laptops or tablets which aren’t affordable by many people.
  4. The Internet is still a dream in many parts of the world and hence online tutoring becomes part of a privileged section of society.
  5. Online tutors provide e-resources and materials which increases screen time for them.
  6. interrupted internet connections break the flow of class which causes distraction.
  7. Students can make an excuse of switching off the video and avoid performing their assigned tasks honestly.
  8. Tests may not always be a fair way of assessment as chances of copying increase in virtual classes.
  9. There are always chances of hackers disturbing your online class.
  10. Increased screen time causes the child to lose interest in the class, eventually leading to poor outcomes.

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Pros of offline IB tutoring

  1. The student gets to meet the tutor physically which naturally increases the discipline and focus.
  2. This method doesn’t include screen time and hence prevents the above-mentioned health issues.
  3. Students get hand-written notes from their offline tutors which are highly effective.
  4. There is no limitation of connectivity.
  5. The child doesn’t have to buy expensive gadgets to study with the offline tutor.
  6. The physical presence of the teacher and student help build a better understanding and consequently more doubt solving and better results.
  7. Offline tutors can give tests in their presence which accounts for authentic assessment.
  8. Children may have to travel which encourages mobility and basic socialising.
  9. Unlike online tutoring where there is a constant threat of hackers to disturb your class, both teacher and student can focus without worrying.
  10. Student has to be tidy and presentable in offline tutoring which promotes self-discipline and hygiene in young students.

Cons of Offline IB Tutoring

  1. The student has to worry about travelling which is not always a feasible option.
  2. You can only study from the offline tutors who are available nearby, therefore limiting your choice.
  3. Timings aren’t often flexible for offline IB tutoring.
  4. In current times, it can contribute to the spread of the deadly infection, Covid.
  5. Introverted students could get uncomfortable in this setting which brings down the whole purpose.
  6. There are chances of physical abuse in a few cases which is surely dangerous.
  7. Offline IB tutoring may not be suitable for children who have family issues. It can cause them embarrassment and disturbed learning.
  8. Online IB tutoring is much more cost-effective as compared to offline tutoring. There are many expenses that have to be incurred for offline tutoring. In addition to the regular tuition fees, there are things like commuting expenses, books expenses, and other overhead expenses.
  9. Students may have to travel to more than one place if they face problems in several subjects. It causes exhaustion and affects the focus of the student.
  10. Weather conditions, strikes, and other physical barriers can be real reasons or excuses for the decreased number of classes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What are the benefits of online IB tutoring?

A: Online IB tutoring is flexible and convenient, as students can attend classes from anywhere with an internet connection. Online tutoring can also be more affordable than in-person tutoring, as there are no travel costs involved.

Q2: What are the drawbacks of online IB tutoring?

A: Online IB tutoring can be less personalized than in-person tutoring, as there may be more students in an online class and less opportunity for one-on-one interaction. Technical issues such as poor internet connection can also disrupt the learning experience.

Q3: What are the benefits of in-person IB tutoring?

A: In-person IB tutoring allows for more personalized attention and direct interaction with the tutor, which can be especially helpful for students who struggle with certain concepts. In-person tutoring also eliminates technical issues and allows for more face-to-face communication.

Q4: What are the drawbacks of in-person IB tutoring?

A: In-person IB tutoring can be less flexible than online tutoring, as students need to travel to a physical location for classes. In-person tutoring can also be more expensive than online tutoring due to the additional costs associated with renting a space and commuting.

Q5: Which is better, online or in-person IB tutoring?

A: The best type of IB tutoring depends on individual student preferences and needs. Online tutoring may be more suitable for students who value convenience and affordability, while in-person tutoring may be better for students who prefer a more personalized and direct learning experience. Ultimately, it is up to the student and their family to decide which option works best for them.

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