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Should I study IBDP Psychology

Should I study IBDP Psychology

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What is IBDP Psychology?

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Psychology is part of the Group 3 Individual and Societies curriculum. The study of Psychology explores mental processes and behavior. The IBDP Psychology syllabus does just that with its holistic approach. 

At the core of IBDP Psychology, we explore three main approaches within the field, Biological, Cognitive and Socio-cultural. The understanding of these approaches is well supported through extensive discussion of both its histories and numerous studies.

We then explore the 4 options Abnormal, Developmental, Health Psychology, and the Psychology of Human Relationships. The approaches and application of Psychology combined allow us to understand the subject as a whole and take away a lot from it.

Why should I study IBDP Psychology?

If you have done your fair bit of research and know what IBDP Psychology is, you might be here for another reason.

Your primary question may be ‘whether or not to take Psychology?’. If despite all your research you are still confused on whether to take Psychology or not, here is a list of reasons you to consider before taking Psychology.

  • You want to pursue Psychology or a related field. This first one is fairly obvious. If Psychology (or a field related to it) is what you see yourself pursuing then Psychology is something you should definitely take up.
  • Not only does it provide you with the basis for the knowledge you require for your higher education, but it also increases your chances of getting into your desired course in University/college.
  • You can also begin studying what you enjoy at an earlier age.

So, if Psychology is a field you are interested in pursuing there is absolutely no reason to not take up IBDP Psychology, as it provides substantial knowledge in the subject.

Study of human behavior

Of course, Psychology itself is not the study of human behavior alone. Rather, it is the study of the mental processes and behavior in both humans and animals that have evolved over several thousand years.

But the IB Psychology syllabus itself covers human behavior in extensive detail. Considering this at the core of our study, we understand that human behavior and interactions are a part of daily life. In this way, Psychology can be regarded as applicable whether one chooses to pursue it at a higher level or not.

As human interactions and mental processes are a part of every job, what is learned about them in IB Psychology is useful throughout.

We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself. – Lloyd Alexander

Application in real-life situations

Building on the previous point, Psychology is not just applicable to real life in terms of your profession.

Since Psychology is the study of mental processes and human behavior, there is no denying its applicability in all aspects of life. 

Looking at the two of the optional chapters “Psychology of human relationships” and “Developmental Psychology” we understand how Psychology helps us in our daily lives.

From being able to understand our interactions within personal relationships, interacting with adolescents and children in a way that assists their growth to understanding our own physiological and psychological patterns better. Psychology helps us better our own lives through understanding it more actively.

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1 out of 5 people have a Psychological disorder

Not everyone may be interested in understanding mundane life events and occurrences in great psychological depth. Which of course, is completely reasonable. However, mental health is an occurrence, although not mundane but pretty common.

Considering that 1 in 5 has a psychological disorder, it is very likely that someone you knew, know, or will know at some point have a psychological disorder. Despite what we are conditioned to believe, disorders are not always visible.

Thus, staying educated and informed on such topics for the sake of ourselves and our loved ones is very important. As the IBDP Psychology syllabus covers topics such as Abnormal and Health Psychology, we can understand these processes better to allow us to lead a more healthy life ourselves.

But more importantly, what you learn from this 2-year course allows you to help the people you know in an informed manner.

Psychology is a vast subject

Psychology, in my opinion, is one of the only subjects that span from ‘Science’, through ‘Commerce’ and all the way to ‘Humanities’. Taking up Psychology in no way shuts off your options, you can still choose a combination of subjects and decide to switch later on if you don’t have it all figured out right now.

In fact, if you don’t have it all figured out right now, Psychology is a safe subject to take. As no matter what career path you choose, Psychology will be applicable to it.

So the knowledge you do accumulate can be applied to any field you choose and add to your experience. You could also pick Psychology if you are interested in all the different fields and would like to have a subject that unifies them all in its approach. 

Are there reasons to not take up Psychology?

There are pros and cons to every subject, and IBDP Psychology is no different. IBDP Psychology, although very interesting and engaging it can often be tough to score marks in.

So, if Psychology is a subject you believe to be your niche, go right ahead! But if your main concern is getting the best marks and you are looking for a subject you can score the highest in, it is not a subject I would recommend.

Also, Psychology is more than the pop culture references of Freud and Criminology. IBDP Psychology explores ideas, approaches, and the basis of research methods. This is why it is important to have a good idea of your curriculum before you choose the subject.

In conclusion

In the end, it all boils down to whether the subject interests you or not. If you find the subject intriguing, do not hesitate, you can find plenty of help through online/offline Psychology tutors.

As long as the subject is your niche you may find that you sail through with your curiosity without questioning your decision of having taken up the subject.

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