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How To Score 1500+ in SAT Exam?

How To Score 1500+ in SAT Exam

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There can be many reasons why you’re here with me reading this; we are trying to identify the two main ones – It is the onset of you working for your dream to land into a foreign university or you’re close to college application deadline. If it is the end of your application deadline or the onset of your preparation, believe me, you’re not trailing behind.

Either way, it’s never too late to try and get a great score. Here are some tips and tricks to help you tackle through multiple questions and identify the correct option:


The SAT is a three-hour exam. Math and Verbal are the two primary categories on which you will be assessed.

The first section is devoted to reading. It is divided into five sections:
US/World Literature (1)
History/Social Science (2), and
Science (2).
This part has 52 questions and takes 65 minutes to complete.
Please note that these questions are a mix of easy and difficult. Don’t overthink and over analyse your choices while answering.

The Writing and Language portion is always in Section 2. The proof reader and Editor Types of questions are tested in this portion, which consists of four passages with 11 questions each, and the time allocated for the 44 questions is 35 minutes. You’ll also be assessed on your punctuation skills.

The use of a calculator is not permitted in Portion 3, which is a math section. You have 25 minutes to answer 20 questions. A Scientific Calculator is permitted in Section 4 of the Math section. You have 55 minutes to answer 38 questions!

In terms of the SAT syllabus, it assesses high school math, basic grammar, and reading skills. You will be assessed on principles of algebra, arithmetic, and data analysis in the Math portions.

All of the SAT’s questions are multiple-choice, with four answer options, only one of which is right. There are a few Grid-in questions in the Math sections as well.

All these pointers mentioned above can get quite familiar in understanding to you when you take up mock tests to assess your time management and answering skills.


While you’re preparing for the exams, there will be a lot of techniques and approaches taught to you. Every question type will have a distinct way to solve quickly and accurately.

However, most students get astray while looking for strategies online or through others. It is best to know your strategy by practicing. Always practice the questions to master the techniques and approaches. The fewer the errors, the higher the score. Specifically, while aiming for a higher score, learn to apply techniques rather than looking for shortcuts.


More often than not, you’re quite capable of answering through all the questions. However, time management always ends the show.

Your test of endurance in the 3-hour test lies in how many questions you’re able to answer through. Hence, practicing as many SAT sample papers as possible in order to maximise the score.

While taking full length test papers will help in managing the time, you will also get more familiar with the question types in each section of the test and thus gradually have a better pace. Take your tests in such a way that you get all of the questions you know correct and try your hand at the harder ones as well.

Eliminate bad replies as much as possible. Believe in deleting a response based on sound reasoning rather than intuition or whim.

Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle. – Christian D. Larson


You may be extremely good at solving questions or perhaps great with grammar and reading elaborate and in-depth comprehension questions.

However, as mentioned earlier, time has the key role in your scores. With your great skills in answering questions, you should learn the art of answering correctly within a well stipulated time.

Hence, it is recommended to enroll for an online crash programme to learn strategies, techniques and skills to finish off in time with full accuracy. Also, you’ll always have a back to emphasise on taking tests and assessing your performances from time to time.

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We always think of our answers to be accurate. Just taking tests without reviewing your performance is a bad idea.

After you’re done writing your sample papers, ensure reviewing your answers and analyse the errors in each test. It is through test reviews that we learn to accept and correct our mistakes further. 

Ensure asking yourself questions like – Why did the error happen? Was it a careless error? Did you not know the concept or technique behind it? Did you spend a lot of time on it? Did you follow the approach staunchly? Was it a guess? If you’re able to answer these questions, there are very high chances that you may not miss a good score.


Practically while you look at this, to score 1500+ would mean getting almost all answers correct. So, focus and work hard on your strengths. In the last days of your preparation, strengthen your strong elements and try to make a balance by it to compensate on your weaker section.

For example, if you’re strong in the verbal section, ensure getting all the questions right in it.

This will allow you to compensate in getting a lesser score in Maths. Schematising your scores is a good idea to balance your accuracy and pace. With the suggestions made above, if you take them quite seriously and ponder keenly on them from now onwards, there’s going to be no one who will stop you from getting a perfect score. The sky is the limit for you then!

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